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How Product Design Promotes Brand Consistency & Awareness

We all value products not only for their benefits but also for their aesthetic appeal. So whether it’s a dating app or clothing, we choose people, products, and services based on beauty. 

Companies with a robust product design outperform 219% more than those with a weak strategy, so if you also want your business to expand, start creating exciting product designs. 

First, you have to understand the product’s core design and elements and then grab reference guides to produce the best. But, what creates a lasting impression on consumers’ minds? 

Well, it’s brand consistency that makes products 3.5 times more visible, helps them stand out in the market/on the shelf, and turns more prospects into loyal customers.

Here’s a quick guide to further your understanding of the relationship between product design and brand awareness and consistency; you will be surprised to know how well connected these marketing principles are. 

What Is Product Design?

The product’s design refers to a design/framework and the product itself, made in the production process – to offer value to the end-user. Product design is the stage of product development that involves creativity.

The key to product design is to know your prospective customers and their habits, lifestyles, attitudes, frustrations, needs, behaviors, wants, and everything that differentiates them from others.

According to research, 71% of consumers buy a product or service from a recognizable brand.

The key to a good product design is consistency, which should be incorporated right from the pre-ideation phase to user research, concept development, prototyping, and testing. Only then a brand becomes recognizable. 

Why Is Good Design Important For Businesses?

Today, a good design is not an option but a critical part of brand building. Designs with lively coloured and unique themes, supported with a refreshing concept, can create and trigger better imprints among customers than those with a dull appearance. 

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A good design is a visual language that connects your offerings (products and services) and all other elements that a consumer is exposed to; ensure that communication should be consistent.  

You must be wondering, what exactly will good design do to your business?

A carefully-crafted product design improves business performance and helps the brand identify and capitalize on missed opportunities.

A good design, if used systematically and consistently, can bring a range of commercial benefits, such as:

  • It increases sales of your products or services
  • It improves your market competitiveness
  • It attracts more customer loyalty and recommendations
  • It helps your business create new products and services – to existing or newer markets
  • It creates a long-lasting identity for your business
  • It determines the success and failure of your product in business circles, market shares, and the industry
  • It helps your business to allocate resources effectively and efficiently
  • It also saves marketing time and dollars for new and existing products

And resultantly, the return on your investment will go beyond your expectations. 

How To Create A Good Product Design

This is a question every marketer is trying to answer, especially the ones working at SMEs, as they often have a limited marketing budget – to stand themselves different from the lot. 

Designing a new or improving the existing product is more of an art that combines creativity and vision. Product design is a challenging task; businesses need to look for specialist product designers – either hire a source in-house or outsource the talent, depending on the budget. 

For small businesses, it’s recommended to hire a freelance product designer (details below) rather than investing in any trustworthy source.

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Outsourcing Vs. In-house Design – What Is A Better Decision? 

Here’s why freelance designers are better than hiring services from an established agency, especially for small businesses. 

  • They are budget-friendly: If you hire product design services from platforms like AnyTask, the cost would be way lesser than the overheads of an established agency. On such media, you will find an abundance of professional freelancers, charging for a fraction of the cost that could incur if you hire a design company or an in-house product designer.
  • Direct Communication: In designing agencies, account managers deal with the client, then they pass the requirements to the designers, and once product modeling is done, their managers approve and then send it to the client. On the other hand, the freelance platforms offer direct communication between the brand and the designer. 
  • Right Job at the Right Time: Having freelancers on board and assigning them tasks directly decreases the time to complete your product design; even the changes are also done timely. Even finding people with specialized skills, like 3D design services, is easier at freelancers’ platforms.
  • More Dedicated: Many agencies invest more time and effort in their big clients, leaving smaller ones to their new hires. But for freelancers, every job is essential, and due to limited work, they give an equal focus to all their projects.
  • Available 24/7: Unlike designers in agencies, freelancers work irregular hours, often more than six days a week, outside of traditional office hours, weekends, or nights.

Depending on how small/big your business is and how often you revise your product development process, you will need to hire a designer.

A freelance product designer is enough for small business setups to deal with your product designs’ commercial and operational implications.

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