How To Keep Seniors Happy In Nursing Homes

When a seniors’ need help with simple activities like using the restroom, eating, sleeping or putting on clothes, they often move to nursing homes.

Most of the time nursing homes are the only option since the caregiver might be unable to provide the required medical attention or be present full time to take care of the senior.

In such situations, it is important that proper effort is taken to make the senior as comfortable as possible in the nursing home.


1. Help Them During The Transition Process

Many seniors find it difficult to transition from their home to a nursing home.

They might show signs of depression, fear or anxiety during the transition period. Because of this, it is extremely important to be there for your loved one during this phase.

  • Make sure you select a nursing home which feels warm and welcoming. It is better for the senior’s mental health if they are living in a home-like setting instead of a cold and clinical setting.
  • If the senior is struggling to adjust to the new environment or adhere to new rules, consider hiring a therapist who can talk to him and help him.
  • Listen to their needs and wants. Check whether the nursing home can make any small changes to accommodate the senior’s needs.
  • Explain to them how staying in a nursing home will benefit their long-term health.
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Some seniors have to be enrolled in nursing homes, especially those who require long-term care.

In such situations it is important to enroll them in a high quality nursing home which offers long term care and provides a safe living space.

At, you can find the best long term care accepted nursing homes according to your preferences.

2. Stay Connected With Them

In order to make sure that seniors don’t feel like they are alone, it is important to stay connected with them.

Family members should try to spend time with their aged loved ones whenever they can.

It is also difficult for seniors to adjust to a new community so make sure you are there with them every step of the way.

If it is not possible to visit often, send them postcards or call them to see how they are doing.

Being present will not only help you provide emotional support but you will also get to monitor their health to see if they are making progress.

3. Encourage Them To Participate In Social Activities

When seniors join nursing homes, they are introduced to a new community of people.

They will be eating with them and even be taking part in group activities.

Some seniors find it difficult to adjust to their new community and might try to distance themselves. This can lead to isolation which is not great for their mental health.

You can encourage them to take part in social activities. If they have any difficulty, accompany them during the first few times so they will feel more comfortable.

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If the nursing home offers programs or classes like physical exercise programs, art classes or cooking classes, it will be beneficial for seniors if they choose to take part in them.

It will help them stay occupied and even boost their mental health.

4. Try Pet Therapy

Research shows that the majority of nursing homes permit visiting or resident animals like cats and dogs.

Pets can help seniors live healthier and happier lives.

Spending time with pets can help them combat loneliness and develop a more positive attitude.

Seniors will also stay active since they have to take care of the pet by feeding, grooming and walking them.

If your loved one is a pet lover, try finding a nursing home which permits pets or at least pet visits.

5. Go On Outings With Them

Taking seniors on outings can give them a break from their monotonous routine at the nursing home.

It can be simple things like going to the movies, shopping or visiting a museum.

Being outside can give them a much needed mental boost.


Make sure the nursing home you select is properly equipped to meet all the senior’s needs and requirements. 

If the nursing home doesn’t take good care of the senior, you can consider moving him or her to a different one to ensure their happiness.

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