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How To Decorate Your Bathroom for Utility + Style

Having a functioning, non-leaking bathroom with ample space is arguably a bit more important than it looking good. However, there’s no reason in particular why the best of both worlds shouldn’t meet.

Even though decorating and installing valuable upgrades may cost you a bit, there are a lot of ways to save some cash and still get the job done quite easily. Today we’re here to talk about how to decorate a bathroom with plenty of utility features while improving its stylish aesthetics at the same time, so let’s dig in:

Upgrade the faucets and sinks

Fashion trends change as years go by, and given that an average faucet typically lasts for more than a decade, it’s fairly safe to say that your old ones probably won’t fit within the same aesthetic of your newly decorated bathroom.

The basic function of a faucet is to provide water, which may lead some into thinking that all faucet models perform the same. Aside from the looks, each faucet model is different in terms of handling higher levels of water pressure, as well as in terms of simplicity of the maintenance process.

Plainly put, if your old faucet is prone to constant leaking and requires a ton of hardware in order to be repaired, those are the two red flags that you should start thinking about buying a new one.

The situation is almost identical with sinks, although they’re generally much sturdier than faucets. The lifespan of a porcelain sink spans beyond two decades while models made of acrylic can withstand roughly half a century of use.

In that sense, buying a new sink is often done to boost the aesthetic quality of your bathroom rather than for additional functionalities.

Replace the showerheads

The cheapest way to make any bathroom a bit more practical and stylish is to replace old showerheads. Showerheads can last for centuries if they are properly and regularly maintained; a lot of people enter furnished apartments and continue to use showerheads that several generations before them have used.

However, missing a few maintenance sessions can significantly lower the life expectancy of a showerhead, and given that they’re generally not too expensive, it’s usually worthwhile to buy new ones.

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If you are satisfied with how your current showerheads function and look, you can still upgrade them with a showerhead filter. In short words, tap water is dispensed throughout the entire home, and it always contains some contaminants. Showerhead filters purify the water, allowing you to shield your skin from viruses, bacteria, and organic pollutants.

Consider adding a tub

Tubs are generally bigger and occupy more space than a corner-enclosed shower, although that’s not always true. Smaller tubs exist and can be integrated with the walls to occupy less space, and you can still use bits and pieces of your old shower model if you have some DIY skills.

Bathing in a tub is far more relaxing than having a quick shower, not to mention that it also makes the bathroom look more complete. Most people opt for shower stalls for practical reasons, although a bathtub can completely change the aesthetic of your bathroom without taking up too much space if it’s put in a corner.

Install a storage drawer

A big bathroom may appear smaller if there are dozens of items on the shelves and scattered around the place. A good way to keep your bathroom tidy is to keep your cosmetics, healthcare products, and towels in a storage drawer.

Even though it will occupy a bit of your storage space, it will certainly make your bathroom look more stylish and modern while adding a very practical element to it.

If you have a small bathroom and are struggling with space, you can install several hanging shelves instead. Keep durability in mind, as most furniture won’t endure water and high moisture for extended periods.

As an extra step, consider waterproofing your storage drawer; waterproofing products are very easy to apply, so just make sure to pick a model that can last for more than a few days to avoid reapplying it too often.

Update your rugs

Unless you have a floor-heating system, having a rug in your bathroom is almost a necessity. On top of that, bathrooms tend to look a bit empty and bare without one.

Since water is unavoidable in this particular area of the home, old rugs lose their looks over time. Updating your bathroom rugs with models with a higher waterproof rating is always a good idea.

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Tweak the ventilation

Although the ventilation system does not affect the aesthetic element of your bathroom whatsoever, it’s one of the most important features of a bathroom. The thick, misty air after each showering makes it difficult to breathe, so consider upgrading your vent for an overall better experience.

Repaint your bathroom

Wall paint is one of the most defining factors when it comes to style, and most people tend to keep their bathrooms simple. However, just like you’d repaint your living room walls every couple of years, you should also repaint your bathroom walls.

The paint is meant to seal the moisture, preventing the forming of mold. Again, bathroom walls are much more likely to be splashed with water than walls in any other area of your home, which means that the paint is taking more damage and becoming less efficient at its core function.

Repainting will make your bathroom walls healthier, and a fresh coat of paint always looks great, so you would have killed two birds with one stone.

Hang wall art on your bathroom walls 

Having decorations in the bathroom is not a common practice in many countries, but it’s arguably the easiest way to make it look more stylish and romantic.

Oil paintings are not necessarily the best option as the splashes of water can ruin them quite quickly. Colored pencil art, charcoal drawings, and watercolor paintings are absolutely ideal for this particular occasion.

Even if you have opted for waterproof pieces of art, it’s still advisable to position them away from your faucets, sinks, and showers.

Replace old fixtures

If possible, replace old fixtures with new ones, especially your toilet. To save on labor and costs, go for a water-efficient upflush toilet like the Sanicompact. Similarly, replace your old faucets and showerheads with new water-saving fixtures. Enhancing your bathroom can greatly contribute to the value and appeal of your home.

We hope that this rundown was useful to you and that you have learned something new today on how to decorate your bathroom for maximum utility and style. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through and have a good one, guys!

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