How Long Is a Toilet Paper Roll?

Toilet paper is a staple in our daily grocery haul. It’s quintessential, a sheer necessity, and something most (if not all) people can’t do without. While we are often aware of the significance of toilet paper, do you ever stop to think about how long a single roll is?

How many segments do you think are available in each toilet paper roll? Surprisingly, knowing about the average toilet paper roll length isn’t too farfetched of a task. Knowing the same allows you to plan your purchases accordingly.

This article will explore everything you need to know about the length of a toilet paper roll.

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What Is the Average Length of Toilet Paper Rolls?

Toilet Paper Rolls

There is no standard or universal length of toilet paper. More often than not, they vary depending on the brand, price, and quality of the toilet paper you are purchasing.

Surprisingly, the cheaper brands have excess sheets wrapped around the cardboard compared to the pricier ones. So, our best bet in understanding this is considering the average length of the toilet paper rolls.

Ideally, each toilet paper roll measures around 4.5 inches in length on average. This is around 11 cm. Now, remember that this is for the “individual sheets.” And, roughly, an entire roll contains 200 sheets of toilet paper. So, the average length is around 900 inches or 23 meters.

Depending on the brand and quality, you might find longer toilet paper rolls than this. There are ones that are a lot wider as well.

How Long is a Roll of Toilet Paper?

As we just discussed, there is no standard length for a toilet paper roll. It heavily depends on the brand and the price you are paying.

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So, why not make things a lot clearer for you? Instead of beating around the bush, let us break down the length depending on each popular brand in the market.

BrandSheet size (LxW) (inch)Number of sheets/rollTotal Length
Cottonelle Professional3.82 x 40170649.4 inches
Scott Essential4.1 x 4.05502255 inches
Presto! by Amazon4.0 x 4.03081121.12 inches
Angel Soft3.8 x 4.0214813.2 inches
White Cloud3.9 x 4.03001170 inches
Brilla Boo Pure Bamboo3.9 x 4.33601414.8 inches
Caboo Bamboo Bath Tissue4.0 x 4.03001200 inches.

These are some of the most popular and common brands of toilet paper rolls. If you use something else and it’s not mentioned here, you can manually check the length on the back of the packaging.

Depending on the sheets’ length and the total number of sheets, you should be able to calculate the total length of the toilet paper roll you are using.

How long is a toilet paper roll in CM?

The length of the toilet paper roll in CM is easy math. Considering the average length of the toilet paper roll, which we found to be 900 inches, it will be around 2,286 cm long.

How long is a roll of toilet paper in Meters?

Based on the average toilet paper length, it measures around 23 meters in length.

How tall is a toilet paper roll in Inches?

We have considered the average length of individual toilet paper as 4.5 x 4.0 inches with 200 sheets, for which the average length came out as 900 inches.

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How Wide is a Roll of Toilet Paper?

It’s not just the length of the toilet paper roll that matters. You need to be aware of the width as well. The average width is somewhere between 3.5 to 4.5 inches or around 10-12 cm.

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Brands are consistently experimenting with the width. So, it isn’t surprising that some measure 3.7 inches in width and some measure 4.1 inches and more.

Technically, the length of the cardboard cylinder inside the toilet paper roll decides the width. Your toilet paper is wrapped around it, so it isn’t surprising that the width corresponds to the cardboard cylinder’s length.

How Tall is a Roll of Toilet Paper?

If we are discussing the individual toilet paper sheet in a roll, it measures 10-12 cm. However, this is an average and will vary depending on the brand and the price you are paying. Some cheaper rolls have a smaller length than toilet paper, measuring only 3.7-3.9 inches.

How Much Does a Roll of Toilet Paper Weigh?

With the length, width, and general measurements out of the way, let us shift our focus on the weight. How much does a standard roll of toilet paper weigh?

If we consider the average length of the sheet to be 4.5 x 4.5 inches, with around 200 sheets in them, it shouldn’t weigh anything more than 230 gms.

However, several factors influence the weight of a toilet paper roll, including

the Quality of the paper – Several combinations of paper contribute to the weight. Generally, the ones made with virgin or de-inked pulp will weigh differently than those with mixed pulp. The texture and embossed design also add to the weight.

The number of sheets in a roll – There are higher quality and more budget-friendly rolls with more toilet paper sheets. These will undoubtedly weigh more compared to the ones with fewer sheets.

Ply bonding – The lamination that holds the entire toilet paper roll around the cardboard also adds to the weight.

What Is the Longest Toilet Roll Ever Made?

According to the Guinness World Records, the largest toilet roll was made by Charmin (Procter & Gamble) in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The roll measured 2.97 m (9 ft 8.9 in) in diameter. It was released on August 26, 2011.


Sometimes, we are so wired into thinking about the big things that we forget to prioritize the small ones. If you have always wondered how long the toilet paper roll is, we hope this article answers your question. One thing we’d highly recommend is picking a roll with more sheets. They are a lot more budget-friendly and last you for a longer period.

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