6 Most In Demand Jobs That Require Management Degrees

In Demand Jobs

It is no secret that a degree can unlock the door for many potential opportunities whether you decide to earn a degree to support your family or fulfil your passion, that’s for sure.

You want to earn a degree that lands you a job. After all, you don’t wish to waste your time, energy, and money pursuing a degree that doesn’t even get you your dream job.

But, if you possess a management degree, you won’t have to worry about employment opportunities.

According to a survey in 2019, a degree in business majors is least-regretted. A degree in business management offers you multiple lucrative job opportunities across various industries.

In addition, a degree in management gives you a broad knowledge of administration, accounting, finance, marketing, and economics.

Thus, once you have earned your management degree, you have a wide range of job options to consider depending on your skills and interest. So read on below to learn the top in-demand jobs you can get with a management degree:

1. Business Analyst

One of the most common and apparent jobs you can apply for with a management degree is a business analyst. As a business analyst, you will be responsible for assessing every aspect of a business to improve operations and help the employer make well-informed decisions.

In addition, since you will work closely with the IT department of a company, you must have strong knowledge of databases, networks, and other technologies.

While most employers will look for a minimum of a bachelor’s degree for this role, getting an advanced degree can increase your chances of securing the job.

Thus, consider enrolling yourself in an MBA General Online Program to gain in-depth knowledge of business operations and enhance your management skills.

Typical day-to-day responsibilities can include:

  • Analyzing business processes and looking for areas of improvements
  • Reporting findings to upper management so a company can achieve its goals
  • Collaborating with other departments to make strategic decisions
  • Conducting workshops or training sessions for junior staff

The average salary of a business analyst is $62,677 per year, as per PayScale.

2. Sales Representative

It’s right there in the title – sales representatives are responsible for identifying potential buyers, presenting products/services, and generating sales.

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Sales reps serve as an agent between customers and the company. Therefore, you must have strong product knowledge to be a successful one.

Furthermore, you must develop and polish negotiation, communication, interpersonal, and time-management skills to take your career to the next level. Your everyday responsibilities as a sales rep can include:

  • Find prospects and sell products/services to them using solid points
  • Gain insight into prospects’ needs, behavior, and problems
  • Report results to management
  • Work with other team members and departments to maximize sales

According to PayScale, the median wage for sales representatives is $49,827 per year.

3. Management Analyst

Management analysts, sometimes also known as management consultants, are similar to business advisors. Professionals in this job role gain a deep understanding of business operations and processes, evaluate the company’s strong and weak points, and implement solutions to improve performance.

Ideal candidates for this job role have exceptional communication, analytical thinking, creativity, and interpersonal skills. A day in the life of a management analyst can include:

  • Gathering and analyzing current documents, practices, and records
  • Developing and implementing solutions for improvements
  • Making recommendations depending on findings and reports to management
  • Interviewing the workforce and carrying out an on-site observation to ensure the newly implemented practice or technology is working smoothly
  • Preparing training materials to facilitate personnel with changes

The average salary of a management analyst, according to PayScale, IS $67,768 per year.

4. Project Manager

The name says it all. Project managers oversee a project from scratch until the work gets done efficiently. They are responsible for taking effective measures to ensure the project meets the client’s demands.

Having the ability to lead a team to complete a project is a must for this job role. Since you will be a go-to person, you must possess strong communication and problem-solving skills.

In addition, having a technical background and prior experience in project management tools and software can help you in your job. Below are some day-to-day tasks of a project manager:

  • Coordinating with other departments within an organization to ensure the project is on track
  • Identifying any issues that may arise and providing solutions to resolve them
  • Assessing project performance using different tools and techniques
  • Ensuring the project gets done within the defined budget
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The mean wage of a project manager is $75,638 per year.

5. Banker

A banker is another popular job you can apply for with your management degree. You must have a strong understanding of retail banking products or services to perform best in your career.

As a banker, you will be responsible for interacting daily with potential clients and assisting them in managing their accounts and finances.

In addition, specific skillsets can take your banking career to the next level, such as communication, multi-tasking, negotiation, time-management, and numerical skills. Your everyday job duties can include:

  • Assisting clients in opening and managing their bank accounts
  • Discussing financial needs of clients and advising them accordingly
  • Looking into and resolving clients’ complaints or queries
  • Evaluating and authorizing loans and overdrafts
  • Executing other administrative tasks such as data entry, filing, etc

The average salary of a retail banker is $14.82 per hour.

6. Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, you will be in charge of handling the marketing aspect of a company. Do you have sufficient skills to influence and persuade others?

If you do, finding a marketing manager job might be just what you need after getting a management degree.

Therefore, it would be best to be a professional marketing manager with an eye for creativity and good written and oral communication skills. Your typical job duties each can include:

  • Developing new marketing strategies to drive business growth
  • Keeping an eye on the marketing budget
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and practices
  • Measuring and tracking the effectiveness of marketing initiatives

According to PayScale, the average income of a marketing manager is $67,414 per year.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re getting your bachelor’s degree in the business field or advancing your career with a master’s degree, know that pursuing a degree in business has numerous benefits.

It offers you a wide variety of career opportunities. Moreover, a degree in management can also help you earn a high salary and develop transferable skills that you can apply when transitioning your job to a different industry.

However, to excel in your career, you need to strengthen your communication, analytical, interpersonal, leadership, and decision-making skills. To sum it up, there is no better time than now to enter this sought-after and well-paying field.

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