5 Tricks To Minimize Your Need For A Carpet Cleaner

Every homeowner out there eventually reaches a point where they realise they need help. With the holiday season coming up, that point often involves the hanging up of Christmas lights. The strands of little multi-colored lights can be so frustrating when they stop working, so many people choose to bite the bullet and hire professionals to come and take care of it. For other people, that point involves fixing some household object, such as a toilet or faulty garbage disposal. For perhaps the largest group of people, reaching that breaking point involves cleaning.

From a very young age, most people are conditioned to hate cleaning. As people get older, their desire to do the dishes, sweep the kitchen, or vacuum the carpets doesn’t get any stronger. With people working longer hours and trying to cram more and more things into their schedule, some people simply don’t have the energy to clean. Thus, many people hire professional carpet cleaning companies. These companies vacuum and shampoo the carpets, often using carbonation or steam to get them looking great.

Need For A Carpet Cleaner
To be fair, when professionals clean carpets, they do an excellent job. The problem is that it costs quite a bit of money, and it takes time to schedule a good day for them to stop by. With all of this in mind, it’s important for people to do things in their day-to-day life that reduces their need for a professional carpet cleaning service.

By doing some simple things everyday, you can keep your carpet looking great and decrease how often you need to have it cleaned. To help you out, below are five things you can do to minimize your need for a carpet cleaner.

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5 Tips To Minimize Your Need For A Carpet Cleaner

  1. Place area rugs in your home. One of the best ways to reduce the need for a professional carpet cleaner is to keep people off of the carpet. Obviously, you don’t want to quarantine people to particular rooms, but you can lay area rugs in major rooms to protect the carpet. Area rugs are easier to clean than carpets, because they can simply be taken outside and swept off. Placing them over the carpet will mat it down, but it will prevent dirt and debris from getting in it.
  2. Eat at the table. There is no better way to keep carpets clean than to not eat on them. Use the dinner table. It will keep the carpet clean and help build community within the home.
  3. Clean spills immediately and do it right. When something does spill, it is critical to clean it as soon as possible, otherwise it will set in. Grab a towel and soak up the majority of the spill and then use a special cleaner to get the rest.
  4. Brush pets regularly (if you have to have them). Clearly, the best thing to do would be to not have pets, but if you must have them, make sure they are groomed on a regular basis.
  5. Institute a no-shoe rule. More and more people are now insisting that family members and even guests take their shoes off before entering the home. Make it a rule and it will catch on. It feels great to get out of shoes at the end of the day anyways.
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Implementing the five super simple tips above will help you reduce the need for professional carpet cleaning, and even the need to vacuum the carpet yourself. Keeping the carpet free from crumbs and dirt means it’s less work to get it clean in the long-run, and should mean you don’t have to splash out on professional services further down the line.