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5 DIY Furniture Ideas for Your Home Office

Furniture can be easier to make than one might think. While it still requires some skill and planning, if you have the right tools, you can most likely create your own DIY home office furniture. 

We’ve put together a fun guide to share with you the top 5 DIY furniture ideas for your home office. 

1. Office Desk

office desk

First things first, you probably need a desk! The desk is most likely the most essential piece of a home office. The thing about making a desk is you have an endless array of options to create whatever you want for your space. 

You can use a sawhorse and some slats. You can use wooden tops and wooden legs. You can use metal legs and hardware and wood for the surfaces and shelves. It’s really up to you. In this case, we’re talking specifically about a corner desk. This means that your desk will have two sides and line up in the corner of your home office. 

Even with a corner desk, you have a lot of flexibility to work with. You can still choose your own style preference and you can choose whatever materials you like to create the corner desk of your dreams. 

You can decorate your office wall with a wall art as well, for authentic office environment.

Sawhorse Desk

You saw us mention a desk made with a sawhorse so we want to touch just briefly on what is a sawhorse

The sawhorse is a foundation piece when used for a desk. It’s basically the legs of the desk and you can reinvent it to also provide shelves. It portrays an interesting and unique look that is also very useful and it’s a popular approach for the desk. 

You can use this as a suitable leg area for your desks and it really presents a very nice space and holds up the desk itself. It can be used for small and large desks, corner desks, and everything in between. 

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2. Open Shelving

open shelving

Every home office needs shelve and storage space. In this particular recommendation, we are talking open concept shelves that hold things like décor, plants, books, and more. You can use it for storage for things that don’t need to be concealed or locked away. 

Open shelves provide you the opportunity to decorate and spruce up your office space while also enjoying the benefits of some really great storage space in the meantime. 

When it comes to open shelving, get creative and personalize the shelves to your needs. Floating shelves, wall shelves, or even shelves as an addition to your desk! 

3. Closed Shelves or Cabinets


You need open shelves for decoration and maybe quick storage for some of the stuff used and accessed most often. But then you need closed storage for the things that the world doesn’t need to see. 

Maybe you have portfolios or customer files or perhaps you just have binders with procedures and documents. Whatever you might have, closed shelving is the perfect place to store away your junk and other items to keep your space a little bit tidier. 

It’s amazing what a nice set of cabinets can do for a room. It just looks very organized and office like. It is a statement that business is happening here and you’ve got your home office organization laid out in your space. 

Cabinets are not terribly hard to build and when you make this DIY project one of options on your list, you can personalize them just like anything else. Use the materials you like or choose and make cabinets that are the sizes you want them to be. 

Whether you make just a few cabinets or you create a full cabinet wall, you definitely need to plan something! 

4. Table

office table

Your office should have some sort of table. When you have a home office, you probably don’t need a huge meeting table but you probably want a little something at least. This gives you an alternative space if you need to step away from your desk or you do need a meeting spot. 

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Your table doesn’t have to be boardroom fancy. It can be a simple work made from wood. This another DIY home office project that can use sawhorses if you like as well. You can also use wood or metal or a mixture of materials to create the perfect table for your space. 

What you build as a table in your home office is really going to depend on your needs and the space that you have available in the office. 

You may or may not need a table in your office space but if you do, this is a great DIY project to try. 

5. Organizational Tools

organizational tools

Finally, the last DIY furniture idea for your home office is organizational tools. We’ve talked about shelves and cabinets for organization but let’s go one step beyond that now. 

This category will be something that will differ by need as well. It might depend on your space. It might depend on the type of work that you do. It might depend on the tools that you use in your home office. 

Maybe you need to go with something like a cubby on your desk or a shelf that allows you to hold your office supplies. A cubby shelf could be nice for things like pens, pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, staplers, tape, and notebooks. You could really put anything here. 

Of course, maybe your organization tool is something more like a filing system with slots to help keep work organized. 

There are a lot of different ways to approach organization. No matter what it is you need, you can most likely turn it into a simple DIY project! 


In closing, creating a home office with the suitable furniture doesn’t have to be a challenging endeavor. If you like DIY projects, you can easily create any type of furniture to meet your needs. 

All you need is a plan and then the materials to bring your DIY furniture for your home office to life. 

What will you make first? 

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