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4 Ways To Care For Your Summer Beard

There was a time when beards were usually only seen in winter. Most men said goodbye to summer beards (many times, quite reluctantly, but that’s another matter) as soon as the sun decided to start its reign – the summer!

But times have changed. Beards have now become an evergreen fashion statement for men that is not limited by the effects of the weather.

And while beard care experts say that beards have no expiry date, they also add that they need to be treated well in the summer so they don’t get tangled up. But since it can be difficult to figure out the “how to treat them well” part alone, we’ll help you with that below.

4 Best Ways To Care Your Summer Beard Care

1. Get Some Protection

There seems to be enough evidence that you should not shave your beard just because it is summer. In fact, a special investigation in Australia suggests that your beard may provide up to 21 UPF (UV protection factor) for your skin.

While this means that your beard protects your skin, what about the protector itself? Of course, it needs protection too.

And that’s because sunlight in the summer can dry out your beard and dull the color. If you try to figure out the number of hours you spend in the sun in summer, it can be quite worrying for the health of your beard.

Using a good, natural sunscreen spray can be an incredibly effective way to protect your beard and thus better protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

The two most important factors to look out for here are natural ingredients (and the absence of chemical ingredients) and a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 50.

2. Go for a Lighter Style

While it’s usually not much of a problem if you sport that crazy full-beard look for the rest of the year, it may make sense to trim it down a bit during the summer. Use only a high quality trimmer on your beard so that it cuts precisely, or else your skin will adopt ingrown hairs and new hairs will grow in uneven directions. Furthermore, this is not only due to the heat that may make you feel uncomfortable at times, but also to protect the health of your beard.

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While it is usually not a big problem if you wear that crazy full beard look for the rest of the year, it may be a good idea to shorten it a bit in the summer. Only use a high-quality beard trimmer to ensure your beard is cut precisely, otherwise, your skin will take on ingrown hairs and new hairs will grow in uneven directions. This is not only because of the heat, which can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable, but also to protect the health of your beard.

This is especially true if your beard is very often exposed to sunlight in summer. A lighter beard makes it easier for you to minimize the damage that sunlight does to your beard and to grow it back to the desired length after the summer.

Summer beard care 1

You can achieve a lighter style by using an adjustable trimmer. However, you must start trimming the beard from the front of the neck and move towards the jawline, not the other way around.

For the area from the neck to the jawline, you should stick with a setting of only 1 or 2. However, when you reach the area above and move towards the chin dimples, you can gradually increase them to a 3 or 4.

Finally, you should always go from the lower part of your beard to the upper part and never experiment with it, as this could lead to an appearance that is not natural enough.

3. Have a Clear, Defining Line

Unlike a short beard, which looks perfect as it narrows from the cheeks to the chin, a stubble requires clean cheeks and a clear line.

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If the line is not there, your stubble will look as if it is all over the place, reflecting poor grooming habits rather than a stubble style.

So if you’re going to wear stubble this summer, make sure it looks intentional by having a borderline that distinguishes it from the rest of your face. You would need to use a razor and shaving oil that does not produce lather.

This is because the shaving oil allows you to see exactly where the line should be, so it looks strong and distinct.

4. Aim for Softness Your Summer Beard

The reason why beard care can often be difficult in summer is that it is difficult to know what your beard really needs. Since your beard hair tends to be coarser than the hair on the rest of your body, it can both itch and flake if it is not cared for in time.

Although this is not exclusive for the summer, things can get out of hand quite quickly during that time, so you need to take extra care during the summer months. The same goes for fashion during summer, so why not also take care of your beard? This is especially true in view of all the sand, the surf, and the extra sunlight to which it is exposed during the long dog days.

A good way to avoid these problems by softening your beard is to use a natural beard care product. Simply apply a small amount before you go to bed. This will allow it to do its job of moisturizing your beard and restoring its softness and shine when you wake up.

Make sure you cover your beard properly when you apply the conditioner, as this is the part of your skin that is most vulnerable to damage in summer. When you wake up, apply a good beard oil to minimize the curling and tangling of the skin during the day.

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