There was a time when beards were usually only spotted during the winter. Most men would bid goodbye to Summer Beard (many times, rather grudgingly, but that’s a different matter), as soon as the sun would decide to start its period of domination (the summer!).

However, times have changed. Beards have now turned into an evergreen style statement for men, not restricted by the effects of the weather.

And while beard care experts do say that beards don’t have an expiration date, they also add that they need to be treated well during the summer in order to avoid messing things up. But as the “how to treat it well” part can be difficult to figure out on your own, we help you do it below.

4 Best Ways To Care Your Summer Beard Care

1. Get Some Protection

There seems to be sufficient evidence that suggests that you must not be shaving off your beard just because it’s summer. In fact, a particular research in Australia suggests that your beard may be offering as much as 21 UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) for your skin.

However, while that means that your beard is protecting your skin, what about the protector itself? Of course, it too needs protection.

And that’s because the summer sunlight can dry out your beard as well as dull the color. When you try to figure out the number of hours you tend to spend out there in the sun during the summer, it can certainly turn out to be a rather worrying thing for your beard health.

Using a good, natural leave-in sunscreen spray can be an incredibly effective way to protect your beard, and thus, as a result, also better protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

The two most important factors to look here would be natural ingredients (and the lack of chemical ones), and a SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 50.

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2. Go for a Lighter Style

While it’s usually not much of a problem if you sport that crazy full-beard look for the rest of the year, it may make sense to trim it down a bit during the summer. Use only a high quality trimmer on your beard so that it cuts precisely, or else your skin will adopt ingrown hairs and new hairs will grow in uneven directions. Furthermore, this is not only due to the heat that may make you feel uncomfortable at times, but also to protect the health of your beard.

This is something especially true if your beard tends to be exposed to sunlight very frequently during the summer. A lighter style will make it easier to minimize the sunlight damage to your beard, as well as to grow it back to your desired length once the summer is gone.

Summer beard care 1

You can achieve a lighter style by using an adjustable trimmer. However, you must start trimming your beard from the front of your neck and move towards the jawline,and not the other way round.

For the area from your neck to your jawline, you want to stick to a setting of just a 1 or 2. However, when you get to the area above that and move towards the dimple in your chin, you can gradually increase it to a 3 or 4.

Finally, always go from the lower part of your beard to the upper, and not experiment with it in any way, as otherwise it might result in a look that isn’t natural enough.

3. Have a Clear, Defining Line

Unlike a short beard, that looks just perfect if it runs thin from your cheeks to your chin, a stubble calls for clean cheeks and a clear defining line.

If the line is non-existent, your stubble looks like it’s all over the place, and reflects poor grooming habits more than a stubble style.

So if a stubble is what you will be wearing this summer, make sure it looks intentional by having a borderline that distinguishes it from the rest of your face. You would need to use a razor and a shaving oil that doesn’t produce foam for this.

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This is because the shaving oil is what will allow you to see where exactly the line should be in order to make it a strong, defining one.

4. Aim for Softness Your Summer Beard

The reason beard care can be often difficult during the summer is that it’s hard to identify what your beard really needs. As your beard hair tends to be coarser than the hair on the rest of your body, it can get itchy as well as lead to skin flare-ups if it’s not taken care of in time.

While this isn’t something exclusive to the summer, things can get out of hands rather quickly during it which is why you need to take special care during the summer months. You do the same for fashion during summer months, so why not your beard? This is especially true given all the sand, surf and the extra sunlight it’s subjected to during those long dog days.

A good way to avoid these issues by making your beard go softer is to use a natural beard conditioner. Just apply it in a small quantity before you go to bed. This will allow it to do its thing – moisturizing your beard and in the process, restoring its softness and shine, by the time you wake up.

Make sure you cover the beard line properly when applying the conditioner, as that’s the part of your skin most prone to all the damage during summer. Similarly, on waking up, follow it up with applying a good beard oil; it would go a long way in keeping the frizz and tangles to a minimum during the day.


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