3 Best Local Deal Apps Will Save Your Time and Money

Long gone are the days where you had to hit a random store hoping you’ll get that sofa, dress or just a mere pair of glasses you wanted for your home. Today, all you have to do is take out your phone and with just a few taps you can get what you want without ever leaving your house. Nevertheless, even with all this technology, it can still get tricky from time to time finding what you need at the price you can afford. With so many companies jumping the sell-fast bandwagon, the user can easily get lost in the havoc and end up either paying more or waiting for way too long if you order from some smaller online store.

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, we decided to check out a couple of local deals apps that satisfy 2 main elements – low price and quick delivery time. Here are our top 3 picks.

3 Best Local Deal Apps

1. thredUP – Local Fashion Shopping Made Easy

If you’re feeling like it’s the time to update your wardrobe but you’re not exactly swimming in money, thredUP can be just what the doctor ordered. It’s basically a local store for buying and selling clothes, but what makes the app stand out for us is that the clothes are genuinely good and you don’t need to waste time worrying if a shirt you order will be missing a sleave or come with a huge hole in the middle. Additionally, they have a steady flow of new items and you can basically check every hour for new fashion items.

We also love that the app works the other way around. If you have some great clothes you don’t feel like wearing anymore, you can either set them up for sale or if you’re feeling generous, donate to charity. The delivery time is solid and unlike with some other apps, you won’t have to wait for a month for that summer dress you need right now.

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One minor thing about thredUP is they seem to be a bit pricier than other second-hand stores. Don’t get it the wrong way, everything is still much cheaper than if you’d buy at a regular fashion store, but it’s a tiny bit more expensive so it falls somewhere in the middle. But, a thing to keep in mind is also the quality is up to the standards and we guess that everything has its price.

2. Flipp – Weekly Shopping for Small Things

It goes without saying that a living room rug costs far more than a bag of fresh tomatoes, but while you only need one rug per room or less, groceries can easily pile up and reach 3-figure price tags. To try and help with this out, we stumbled upon a website that lists top 10 local deals apps. The website made it easy to check out multiple apps without having to download them, so we’d like to share the list.

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And out of the top 10, we ended up going with Flipp. Think of the app as your home base for all deals related to groceries. It’s easy to find and group fliers, coupons, loyalty cards and everything else you need to save hard-earned money. Everything is pretty straightforward: you search what you need, the app sends you current deals available and then you buy at the current minimum price – simple as that. Currently, the app is covering major stores like Walmart, Best Buy and Home Depot. This is more than enough but we hope they will add smaller, specialized stores in the future as well.

Although it happened only a few times, there was a glitch that disabled us from picking deals presented to us on the screen. We’re not sure if it was a glitch or a bug, but we simply couldn’t check mark the deal we wanted. Since it seemed to be happening at random, we’re sure it’s nothing more than a bug that can easily be fixed in an update.

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3. Overstock – Furniture for Grabs

On the other hand, if you’re looking to update your home and your wardrobe, here’s an app for you. Overstock is already quite a famous app when it comes to furniture and for a good reason. They have a great selection of pretty much anything you’d need for your home, starting from small rugs to king size beds. Another great thing is constant deal offers and that you can also get fast and free shipping on orders that go above $45. Finally, one thing we’d love to mention is the feature that lets you use your phone to check out how a piece of home decor would look like in your room. Just point your phone in the specific part of the room and that’s it. Besides being useful, it’s quite fun to use the feature.

Although the offers are great, one thing that could be better, ironically, is the app itself. It is easy to find your way, but there are small elements that make it a bit confusing like for example figuring out how to order more than one rug. It’s nothing special, but if the developers made the app just a bit more user-friendly, everything would fall in its place perfectly.


So there you go, these are our 3 best local deal apps for saving money on furniture, clothes and general items. We think this covers most of your shopping, but if you know any other local deal apps that are either better or allow you to buy something more than fashion, furniture and groceries, let us know – we’d love to check the app.

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