United States Marine Corps is one of the branches of the United States Armed Forces. They are one of the most lethal and effective force in the world. They are continuous in action since 1798, more than 240 years. They can fight on land or in water; Marines are just unbeatable, Know the other Facts About Marines.

You all have seen movies filled with Marines and you must b inspired or impressed by their way of living. However, there is much more to this; there are many things that we do not know about Marines but as a citizen we should know it.

Here are 21 Facts About Marines Every Man Should Know

1.The Marines were formed on November 10, 1775, which is before then the Independence of the United States of America. Back then, The Continental Congress approved the order to make two battalions of Marines to fight for Independence.

2. The first commissioned officer of the Continental Marines was Major Samuel Nicholas. He played a major role in the formation of US Marines. He was commissioned in late 1775.

Facts About Marines

3. Marines got many nicknames, and some are Leathernecks, Jarheads, and Devil Dogs. It is said that the name Devil Dogs came from an enemy.

4. In 1962, NASA’s Mercury capsule Friendship 7 orbited the Earth and the man in it, The First American to orbit the Earth was a US Marine. During his orbit, he was traveling at speeds greater than 17,000 miles per hour.

5. In 1883, Marines took “Semper Fi” as their motto, Semper Fi or Semper Fidelis is Latin for “Always Faithful”. Once you are a Marine, you cannot undo it, and Semper Fi is a reminder of it.

Facts About Marines

6. Facts About Marines: Marines have a simple but bold symbol; they got the combination of an iconic bald eagle, a globe, and an anchor as the emblem of their organization. It is also one of the most reorganization emblems in the world. It shows their rich history and patriotism.

Facts About Marines

7. The first land battle on foreign soil by The Marines was in Libya. 600 Marine Soldiers took the city of Derna with the storm to save the crew member of USS Philadelphia who was kidnapped by Pirates.

Facts About Marines

8. Not just in battlefield Marines are also great in other competitions, they have won four out of five “Warrior Games Competitions”. They just lost once.

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9. Facts About Marines: Marines are known for eating fast, and it is due to their way of living while training. The recruits are required to finish eating as their drill instructor is finished.

10. The license plate of the Vehicle of the Commandant on the Marine Corps reads “1775,” the year when Marines were formed.

11. Marines have a tough protocol regarding how they will stand when they are in uniform. For Example, when they are in uniform they are not supposed to put their hands in their pockets.

Facts About Marines

12. Another example of Uniform and another protocol is that Only Female Marines are allowed to carry their umbrella when they are in uniform. Men are not allowed.

13. The only time the insignia on the left and right color of the uniform changes is when the Marine is ranked “Gunner”. This is the only Marine Corp rank hat has a different insignia.

14. The mascot of US Marines is not an American thing; Marines have made an English Bulldog as their mascot. The English bulldog is named Chesty after Marine Lt. Gen. Louis B. “ Chesty ” Puller. He was the only Marine to earn five Navy Crosses.

15. Marine Corp is an amphibious force, means they can handle an operation on land and water both. However, even with this fact, Swim qualification does not count towards a Marine’s promotion to the next level.

16. Every year Thai Marines and US Marines do drills together, Thai Marines instruct US Marines about the jungle-survival training. This also includes Cobra Gold exercise. US Marines also participate in Thai Warrior ritual which involves cutting a cobra’s head off and drinking sits blood.

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17. Ronald “R.” Lee Ermey is a former Marine drill instructor and Vietnam veteran. He was one of the first US Marine, who also acted in movies. He played the iconic role of “Gunnery Sergeant Hartman” in Full Metal Jacket. His acting also earned him a “Golden Globe” nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Facts About Marines

18. Ed McMahon is a pretty famous co-host of the “Tonight Show” but before that he was an absolute warrior in US Marine. He was a Marine fighter pilot with six air medals and 85 combat missions under his belt.

19. According to US Marine Legend, the first Marine recruitments took place in a bar. During its inception in 1775, newly commissioned Captain Samuel Nicholas and Robert Mullan organized first recruitment meeting in a bar.

20. Marines fought their first battle in the Bahamas in 1776. Captain Samuel Nicholas led the Corps and stormed the beaches of the British-held island. There were 220 Marines.

Facts About Marines

21. Marines are also known for their organized and disciplined band also known as “the President’s Own.” They have great talent in their band; they also go to different countries to perform and also have friendly band battle with other Marines of allied forces.


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