As a girl, the biggest challenge that occupies your mind is deciding whether the guy you went out with is your “Mr. Right” or not. Relax! Being confused sometimes has its own advantages. You have the advantage of exploring your options and making the right move. So if you want to take him a step further, look for the following 20 signs that indicate that “he” is your “Mr. Right”.

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20 Signs That ‘He’ Is Your Mr. Right

1. He is happy to have you in his life and brags about it.


2. You can handle a long distance relationship with him gracefully.


3. He lets you be the way you are. You too don’t need to act fake when you are with him.


4. He makes sacrifices for you and you can do that in return with pleasure.


5. You have the same values about life. Also, he tries to encourage and guide you to do something, without prioritizing his convenience.

6. Both of you respect each others’ differences of opinions.

7. He’s chivalrous not just in the beginning, but even after years of your relationship.


8. He is the first person you want to approach to share your stories and problems.

9. You are not embarrassed to cry in front of him.


10. When you say “I miss you” to him, it comes from the bottom of your heart.


11. When you do not have to complain much about your special one to your friends, like they do.

12. If you are a person who likes to have a personal living space, you can still share it with him comfortably.


13. He is friends with your friends too.

14. He gives you enough space that you can hang out with your friends without him.


15. He compliments you in a genuine way, even if you know you were not at your best.

16. He tries to know your family members and makes efforts that you get close to his.


17. Your idea of marrying him is not just the wedding part, but the joy of living together.


18. He has endless reasons to love you.


19. If you can imagine yourself with him after 10 years and in a happy state.

20. He treats you like a best friend.

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