A company will have its logo for sure. With plethora of brands out there, there are some, who succeed in thinking different. You certainly might have seen these logos listed out here but have you ever tried knowing the hidden message associated with their logos? If no, then here is something interesting to learn.

Top 10 Popular Logos With A Hidden Message

1. Amazon


Now, this is where the whole world gets their goods. You visit this website multiple times in a day or week and you certainly know its logo but look properly because there is something hidden. The arrow that you see below the “amazon.com” represents a hidden meaning — “it says that they have products from A – Z”.

2. Apple


Apple logo derives the story of Adam & Eve from Bible. This bitten apple signifies the fruit from “Tree of Knowledge”. If you weren’t aware of it before, learn now.

3. IBM


IBM’s logo also has a concealed message. Even you know that it is nicknamed as “Big Blue”. However, those lines at the low right corner show “equal signs”, which literally means equality.

4. Mobil


Mobil’s logo doesn’t denote anything. However, their colors do. That red colored “O” denotes strength whereas blue color signifies security and faithfulness.

5. FedEx


FedEx logo appears simple & it is pretty hard to know what might be hidden with it. Look closer to see something special. The gap between the letters ‘E’ & ‘X’ in orange “Ex” displays a clear arrow facing forward. Now, this arrow signifies “moving forward” towards future.

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6. Audi


Many might have tried wondering as to what Audi’s 4 circles represent?. Well, these 4 circles denotes 4 companies, which were part of Auto-Union Consortium during the year 1932. These 4 companies were DKW, Wanderer, Horch & Audi.

7. BMW


Yet another popular brand is BMW and you certainly might have seen their logo. The logo denotes propeller in motion wherein its blue part denotes sky. The reason why blue color included was that this company also had a vital role in building exclusive aircraft engine parts for German military in World War-II.

8. Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes’ tri-star denotes companies’ dominance on land, sea & air.

9. Toyota


There are 3 ellipses seen in Toyota’s logo. Every ellipse denotes customer’s heart.

10. Volkswagen


Volkswagen’s logo shows letter of brand initials. “Volks” is a German word, which means, “for people” whereas “Wagen” means “car”.

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