If you’re looking to buy a new laptop then it is very crucial for you to know what best laptop brand is, so you can spend your hard earned money on a right laptop. Obviously, there are several top brands when it comes to laptops and each of them has its own particular pros and cons. But it’s not only about them it’s even about you, as you are the one who will be utilizing that notebook, therefore you should think about specs you need to be in your laptop and that’s why you should choose what is the best laptop brand for you.

I know there are simply a lot of brands available at present and it can be daunting to choose one from them, but trust me if you know what you’re expecting for in a notebook then it’ll be uttermost simple to choose. If you know nothing about computer hardware then you need to begin with that since that’s all you must know before selecting the best laptop for you. It’s not that hard as it appears and while searching for a laptop don’t just look at its design but also look at its other specs.

Before looking at what is the best laptop brand for you, let’s see about the areas to look for on choosing a laptop:

  • Performance
  • Look and Feel
  • Tech Support
  • Selection
  • Innovation
  • Customer Satisfaction


A laptop’s performance will be based on its processor, graphic capability and battery life. Laptop’s processor must be capable of working faster in order to for it to perform well. It is even a must that the laptop’s graphics are first-class to offer life like quality of pictures and games. The batteries should offer a longer power backup so that you can use whenever you want. From the several brands available in the market, Apple ultrabook’s performance is way better. It works faster, offers top-notch graphics and longest power backup compared to other laptop brands in its category. Performance is the key factor in determining what is the best brand of laptop.

Look and Feel

Apart from the performance level of the notebook, we all wish to own something that looks adorable. This comprises the screen quality of the notebook which is always a key factor to a quality notebook. Even some notebooks weigh way more than others and if this concerns to you, keep an eye on the specs of the laptop you are about to buy.

We tend towards light-weight notebooks simply because of how we utilize them. If you place your notebook on a desk and use it often as a desktop computer then the weight is not as much of a concern. The concept of convertible notebooks is even something we consider when comparing look and feel.

Tech Support

If something messes up or if you have a doubt, you should be able to get good customer care assistance and support. We also considered the knowledgebase and self-assist tools provided on the respective company’s website. Bonus points were awarded for the ease at which the customer can get live chat, email capability and tech support phone numbers.

Those companies which had thee stuff, in addition with good response times and quality responses scored higher. The support you’ll get after when you buy is an important contributor in choosing the best laptop brand.


Some laptop companies offer more features than others. Whether you’re looking for a budget laptop or top-notch gaming laptop you should know which brands offer the features you need. Some brands run very serious to provide offers in all kind of customer price levels and packages. Selection is essential but being aware of what you need in advance will make the job very simple.


Innovation is nothing but a though of change or new step that the brand has applied among its product line. These comprise the accessibility of modern technologies and features within laptops of that specific category.

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Customer Satisfaction

Last but not least, it’s very significant that customers should value the brand and the products of it. This specific characteristic often defines whether the intention of satisfying consumers is accomplished or not.

Now, let’s have a look at what the best laptop brands are.

Best Laptop Brand You Should Check Before Buying Laptop

#10. MSI (Micro-Star International)


Micro-Star International is usually called and known as MSI. It is also among the best and little known laptop brands. They’ve been in this industry of computer hardware and notebooks since 1986 and it is also one among the largest IT firms in the world. At present they don’t have numerous models of notebooks as other brands but their products can be among other top laptops when it comes to gaming purposes or other heavy usage of PC’s such as graphics or video editing. Thus, in case if your crucial need is gaming then there are some gaming notebooks made by MSI and that is just you should look into, or else you could go with some other brand. Other than top gaming notebooks, MSI is also renowned or manufacturing awesomely designed pink notebooks.

#09. Toshiba


Toshiba can surely be the best laptop brand if you’re out there to get a budget laptop for routine use. Their technical support may not be as satisfactory as others but they offer a huge range of notebooks to buy from and one can certainly find a desirable laptop. They had some bad feedbacks over their keyboards and mousepads but lately they’ve switched their whole design so I suppose that’s all in the past. With their new design, they offer numerous models of lightweight notebooks for an unbelievably low price. If you have a very tight budget and are looking for some fair notebook then certainly you should check out Toshiba’s laptops and I’m sure you can find the best one for you.

#08. Dell


It’s no surprise that Dell is among the best laptop brands that produces best laptops and has time to pay attention to their consumers. Yes, their customer service assistance is so as yet the best and in case if your laptop got messed up their service centers won’t take so long to fix it up. Dell is a former brand when it comes to PCs and other gadgets, but lately they jumped into laptop manufacturing and they’ve grown very rapid that at present they have plenty of models that one can think of. Their notebooks are largely known for being inexpensive and provide all basic features available. They also own a famous subsidiary brand called “Alienware” which is so far the best laptop brand for gaming purposes that can play almost every single game in the Earth. So if you’re looking for a normal notebook then choose Dell, or if you’re looking for a good gaming laptop then choose Alienware.

#07. ASUS


ASUS is well-known for manufacturing best mini notebooks. This brand is much as Acer and is famous for producing most budget laptops in the market. Yup, their laptops are unbelievably affordable and you could buy it for as minimum as $200. In addition, their designs are so much attractive and as they come in lot of colors their laptops are the best selling notebooks in past 2 years. When it comes to normal notebooks, ASUS offers those as well and they are best in deign but not that god while delivering performance. They have negative feedbacks over their touchpad response and keyboard sensitivity and even their technical support is not up to the mark.

#06. Acer


Acer has been gaining popularity recently after they unveiled their Acer Aspire series notebooks. This brand simply appears to be all around the world, although, their prices are not in budget when compared to other laptops in its category. Not certain about their recent models, but in past there were lots of dissatisfactions on the web about their sluggish hard drive and poor viewing angles. Anyhow, they do have some models that can be satisfactory for a suitable price but still some people consider Acer as a poor laptop brand. While comparing it with other brands it misses sound quality, picture quality and touchpad as well as keyboard. If you have a look into some best rated notebooks websites then you’ll find most techies rate Acer notebooks lower as a reason of their design. However, they’ve started producing more advanced Acer notebooks and as I said Aspire series is simply everywhere.

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#05. Samsung


Samsung is a pretty old brand that produces a lot of electronics including home appliances, such as Television, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, etc. After a remarkable victory of their smartphone series ‘Galaxy S’ they’ve been enhancing their notebooks as one unfit product can cause whole brand suffer. When it comes to design Samsung is the best and we’re not only talking about notebooks here, you can say that about all products made by them. Besides the design factor, audio and video quality can be great as well and the norm price of Samsung notebooks can be around 500 USD to 600 USD. They even have their best gaming laptops which might cost more than $1500.

#04. HP


HP is one among the former laptop brands and after collaborating with Compaq they have turned out into a much known than before. This brand is largely known for producing regular notebooks and all they concern about is offering quality, yes, notebooks from HP can be quite pricey but certainly they are worth their price. The average HP notebooks cost around $500. They mainly concentrate on their graphics and sound quality as presently that’s what most people look on.

#03. Lenovo


Lenovo is surely one of the highly esteemed laptop brands and they are always been the first choice when someone wants to have a branded desktop PC. Prices of Lenovo laptops can be pretty higher than other regular notebooks but they don’t miss out anything, whether it is hardware, performance, design or just about any other specs. Lenovo is normally considered as the best laptop brand for Windows OS and yes it can be compared with other top notebook brands like Sony, Samsung and HP. I can’t assure that Lenovo will offer you the best worth laptop but they are great in all areas like graphics, sound, display, keyboard and touchpad. Even their customer service support is quite good than other brands. So I think these are the factors that cause Lenovo one among the best laptop brands.

#02. Sony


Same as Samsung, Sony is also a former brand and maker of vast of electronic goods. Sony has been the most renowned brand for more than a decade and now their notebook sector is no exception. The only brand in lead of Sony in notebooks is Apple and that might be due to the reason of its OS. Yes, I guess Apple is in the lead of all brands as they have got their own peculiar OS which can’t be used in laptop of other brands. Sony VAIO series of notebooks are generally expensive when compared to other brands but things they definitely offer are performance, good battery backup, great keyboard and lasting hardware. There are loads n loads of colors available when choosing Sony notebook and their multimedia options completely differ upon the various models.

#01. Apple


If performance is what you’re looking for in a notebook then none other can even stand near Apple’s Macbook line up. They just have 7 to 8 models of notebooks but all of them range above $1000. Nowadays professional needs much more than Windows and these Apple laptops promise to deliver that. Apple is certainly is the best laptop brand as they miss perfectly nothing, from screens to design, performance to hardware, everything is great and perfect in Macbook including its all-day-battery life. They’re even reputed for their great technical support and their official website that assists with any problem consumer might encounter, other than that they possess Apple Stores all over the world where you can responsively get help for any hassle or issue. Overall, it can be quite pricey but it’s the best and most renowned laptop brand.


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