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For A Girl: What To Wear On A First Date?

What to wear on the first date: There is always a first time for everything. This is a cliché that was most likely used as an excuse when someone honestly felt the need to lift themselves up after a heartbreaking first experience with something new. A balm that soothes a wound, a catharsis. Whether you admit it or not, if you are not able to do your best at something you are doing for the first time, you can feel terrible.

It could leave a mark that makes you want to carry on and forget about it, or it could make you try harder and prove that you can do better next time. Which of these two paths you take depends on the kind of person you are.

When talking about ‘firsts’, one of the things we often recall as adults is our first date – either our first ever date, or our first date with the person we end up marrying. Everyone has memories of their first dates: some are hugely embarrassing stories that are hilarious once retold many years later; some can be hopelessly romantic and shared only between the two people forever. What’s for sure is that those moments in life are memorable and will be with you for many years.

Therefore, that first impression can make or break a relationship, and nothing is more important as a first impression than the clothes you are wearing for it. Read on to find out more about what you should wear on a first date.

What To Wear On A First Date

what to wear on a first date

It is the first time, the first time you feel something moving in your stomach. No, you are really sure that it is not caused by indigestion. And you are definitely not hungry. It’s moving and giving you jitters. You laugh nervously to ward off the unpleasant feeling. Maybe you feel strange because you remember an idiomatic expression that was taught in your English class, namely that you have butterflies in your stomach, a feeling that you didn’t believe existed at first.

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Now you are sweating heavily while standing in front of a life-size mirror and looking intensely at your own reflection. You calm down for a second, but immediately feel your chest pounding violently when you remember the reason for all the excitement. Someone asked you out for the first time.

Perhaps you danced with joy as soon as the words slipped out of his mouth. You started fantasising about a future with him, about being together. Now, the last thing you want is for him to get a bad impression of you on your first date.

So what do you wear on the first date? Well, first relax, take a break, and breathe deeply. Do not exhaust yourself. Now open the wardrobe and choose something you want to wear.

Note: When Choosing Clothes, Avoid Pairing Loud Prints

If it is a daytime date, use pastel colours in shades of orange, pink, teal and lavender. Avoid wearing overly revealing clothing, short shorts or a miniskirt. If you have a printed top, use a plain skirt or trousers and vice versa. However, if the date is in the evening, you can wear an elegant dress or something semi-formal, especially if it is taking place in a fine restaurant.

We have here a list from real women who state what they wore on their successful first dates. You might get some inspiration from these ideas and who knows, you might even have a perfect and successful first date

1. Combine a sequined top with skinny jeans and a pair of boots for a casual outdoor date.

2. For a glamorous yet casual look, wear a flowing silk top, tight jeans and flat shoes.

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3. Accessorize your outfit with jewellery that looks stylish and elegant on your clothes.

4. Wear a loose shirt or blouse and leggings underneath. Combine it with great looking boots.

5. Combine a good looking dress with nice heels for a romantic dinner date.

6. You can never go wrong with black. Always remember that black is quite classy and elegant. This is also a perfect choice for formal dinners and events.

Dating Tips

The first thing to remember is the use of make-up. Wear light make-up during the day, while heavy make-up is fine at night. But make sure you choose a shade that matches your skin colour. Avoid wearing too many accessories as this could distract your partner. Never use strong perfumes either. Bring a small handbag containing all the necessary items you need. Never bring your entire wardrobe with you. Bring chewing gum or sweets. If it is in a gourmet restaurant, study how to use a knife and fork. Never be late or let your appointment be a long wait.

Dating Advice

First you need to know the place of the date. Tell your parents who your date is, the place of the date and the time you will be home. Switch your phone to silent mode during the date, answer only important calls. Be polite when you ask questions. Avoid questions that might offend him. Break the ice by having a conversation on topics you both enjoy. Look directly into his eyes. Keep good eye contact while you talk to him. Never leave your date alone. At the end of the date, thank him for asking you and tell him you had a great time.

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