What To Wear On A First Date: There is always a first time for everything. A cliché most probably being used as an excuse when you honestly felt the need to uplift one’s self after having a heart-breaking first time experience in doing something novel. A balm that soothes a wound, a catharsis. Admit it or not, being not able to give your best shot on something you do for the first time could make you feel terrible.

It could leave scratch that could make you want to move on and forget about the whole thing, or to make you strive harder, proving that you could be better next time. Well, probably it depends on the enthusiasm a person has and the reason behind every allegiance in taking their chances in doing over again the things they have failed to do the first time.

You could let it go, but the fact that you chose to redo it, could somehow be a pledge that promises improvements and an assurance that you will be doing the same thing again, but in a more upgrade way of course. The simplicity of this statement may pave the way to second chances, to a never ending hope to becoming a better version of yourself.

Now, when we talk about those life’s firsts, a very important thing could be of course, the so-called “date”. To hit it right, you have to present yourself right. To help you with it, we will be giving you some useful tips. After reading this article, we are sure that you will no more be confused on what to wear on a first date. So, read on.

Everyone have our own first stories. Some may probably be delighted in sharing how embarrassed they were about it, then noticeably stressing the fact, reviving their wounded egos, saying that they were sensible enough not to commit the same mistake twice. While others can be a little oblivious, sharing something without even thinking that it could make them look a complete stupid before others.

There were also some who would tell their stories with glimmer in their eyes, tears that would leave you thinking whether it was tears of joy, sadness, or regrets. The excitement and the pain that comes along with the word first, adds a vibrant hue to the colors of life. And now while you are doing something important or while your thoughts wander, you came to realize that you have something to share about it, about your first.

What To Wear On Your First Date?

what to wear on a first date

It’s the first time, the first time you felt something moving in your stomach. No, you are really sure it was not caused by indigestion. And definitely, you are not hungry. It was moving, in circles inside and somehow that brought jitters. You laughed nervously, warding off the uncomfortable feeling. You may feel weird as you remember an idiomatic expression taught in your English class, about having butterflies in your stomach, which you did not believe to exist at first.

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Now you are sweating profusely as you are standing, facing a life-sized mirror, looking intently at your own reflection. For the first time, you spent a minute to study your own figure. You calmed for a second, but immediately felt your chest pounding hard when you remember the reason of this entire ruckus. Someone, for the very first time, asked you out on a date.

You may be dancing with joy as soon as the words slipped from his mouth. You are starting to fantasize a future with him, of being together. Now that your hypothalamus, a part of your brain, functioned romantically, you probably will not mind having some changes for yourself, to be better. After all, the last thing you would want is to give him a bad impression about you, on your first date.

Sure you have some days in your life when you didn’t mind looking unfashionably boring. Those days when you prefer to wear baggy shorts instead of those sexy floral patterns some of your friends opted to wear during summer. Or wearing those knitted sweater your grandmas used to make when others coolly sporting their labeled jackets. You don’t mind being a fashion novice, a stranger in a sense, well except for today. How you wish you have the slightest idea who is Marc Jacobs or who are the latest Hollywood style icons.

So, what to wear on a first date? Well, first relax, take a pause and breathe deep. Don’t exhaust yourself. Open the closet; choose something you would like to wear.

Note: When Choosing Clothes, Avoid Pairing Loud Prints

If it is a day date, use pastel color in hues of orange, pink, teal and lavender. Avoid wearing too revealing clothes, short shorts or mini skirt. When you have printed top, use a plain color skirt or pant and vice versa. But, if the date is in the evening, you may wear a classy dress or something semi-formal, especially if it’s at a fine dining restaurant.

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We here have a list from real women stating what they wore during their first dates that actually earned them a spot on their man’s heart. You may also wish to try this on, and who knows, you may also have a perfect and successful first date.

1. Combine a sequined top with skinny jeans and a pair of boots for a casual date outside.

2. For a glam yet staying casual look, have a flowy silk tank top, a skinny jeans and flat shoes.

3. Accessorize your outfit with jewelries that look classy and elegant on what you are wearing.

4. Wear a loose shirt or blouse and have leggings underneath. Pair it up with great looking boots.

5. Pair a great looking dress with a nice-looking heel for a romantic dinner date.

6. You will never go wrong with black. Always remember that black is quite classy and elegant. This is also a perfect choice for formal dinners and events.

Dating Tips

The first thing to remember is the use of make-up. Wear light color make up during daytime while a heavy make-up is okay on the night. But, just make sure to choose a shade that suits your skin color. Avoid wearing too much accessories, as this may distract your partner. Also, never use strong perfumes. Bring a small purse containing all the necessary things that you need. Never bring your entire closet. Bring a gum or candy. If it is in a fine dining restaurant, study how you are supposed to use a knife and a fork. Never be late or do not make your date wait for you for a long time.

Dating Advice

First, know the location of the date. Let your parents know who your date is, the venue of the date and the time you will be home. Turn your phone in silent mode during the date, answer important calls only. Be polite in asking questions. Avoid those that may offend him. Break the ice by sharing a conversation tackling topics you both like doing. Look directly towards in his direction. Maintain good eye contact while talking to him. Never leave your date alone, it is a big no. At the end of the date, thank him for asking you and tell him that you had a great time.


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