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Tips in Car Rentals or Leiebil in Tromsø to Prevent Getting Ripped Off

You might want to watch the Northern Lights in Tromsø, and you’re deciding about the best course of action that you should take. If this is going to be a family vacation, you might want to get a car rental in Norway to make the trip more comfortable.

Fortunately, so many veteran tourists and renters have already done the rentals, and they have some tips to help you save time and money. With the help of Goautos – Tromsø, everything is going to be a hassle-free experience, and you’ll have the chance of going into places that are not often accessible to other tourists. Here are some tips that may help you out to prevent getting ripped off.

What to Do Before Considering a Leiebil in Norway?

1. Compare Various Prices and Offers

You need to book as early as possible, which should be months before your planned vacation. Visit several websites that offer car rental services in the country where you’re going. These sites have a more accurate price and a ballpark figure of the total costs of the rental if you’re going for it.

Some are considered to be aggregators and what this means is that they combine a lot of deals and the best companies in just one place. The results are often according to the categories you’ve specified, and you can take note of the extra fees involved.

2. Book Early

One of the keys to becoming successful in car rentals in Norway is to book early. However, you have to ensure that this booking is completely refundable, so you don’t lock yourself in other opportunities. Know that it’s still possible to find some kind of flexibility and find an even cheaper rate on various advertisements, so don’t hesitate to go to them.

Check the websites one week ahead of the planned trip, and again, see the rates at least two days before. The agencies may have special discounts and lower rates for you when the demand becomes lower during off-peak seasons. When you find the best deals in the market, cancel the refundable reservations and rebook with the lower rate.

3. No Thanks to the Extra Insurance

Insurance packages from rental agencies may charge you several euros per day. It’s best to bring your own insurance policy or if your credit card can cover the liabilities and damages after an accident. This way, you won’t have to pay extra, and you’ll be able to spend the money on food and other essentials.

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Call your credit card company, especially if you’re a premium holder. Check travel insurance options and see if they can offer you lower prices. There’s a considerable chance your credit card company may cover the liabilities, and you also get points, so this is something to definitely consider.

4. Bring your Own GPS or Map

If you’re going to Tromsø for the first time, it’s essential to have a physical map or a working GPS so you won’t get lost. You may want to add toll passes, car seats, and mobile data to the list of essentials that you’re bringing with you to prevent paying extra.

Waze applications and Google Maps are often available on your phone, depending on the country you’re in. Bring your own toll pass or purchase them from the local convenience stores if they are available. Take the rental car off your credit card account after you’ve returned the vehicle and if you want car seats, check with friends if they have one available in the area.

5. Satellite Radios May Not Be Worth It

You may want to add a lot of music and audiobooks to your smartphone before going. This way, you’re going to be entertained on your way to see the Aurora Borealis. The ones you’ve downloaded on your phone are free, but the satellite radio is not. You wouldn’t want to be charged higher surcharges for add-ons that you will rarely use while driving.

6. Pre-Pay Gas Options Might Not be the Best For You

You may want to research the area for the nearest gas stations and analyze the chances of running out of petrol while driving. Companies may offer pre-pay options for you, and the first tank comes from them. You’re going to bring it back after you’re done with the trip. For some, the gallon’s prices are usually higher compared to the gas stations in the city, and you may want to avoid this in the first place so you won’t get ripped off.

Forego the pre-pay option in Norway and fill up the tank before returning the vehicle. Applications are often available, so you can look for the nearest gas stations in the area. Don’t wait for the last one before you hit the airport as it would charge you more than ones that you’ve seen 10 miles away,

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The costliest mistake is to drop off the vehicle with the gas tank empty. In some cases, this could violate the agreement, and you may get charged with high fees for every gallon needed to fill up the tank.

7. Cut Down on the Number of Days of the Rental

car rental

When you’re going to take a short trip, you may want to return the vehicle as soon as possible, especially if you’re done sightseeing or attending meetings. Other tourists have experienced having a late flight, and they have already returned the vehicle at the drop-off location. They took the shuttle available after a night, and they discovered that they had saved a lot of euros for that one day.

8. Non-Airport Pick-Ups should be an Option

It can be convenient on your part to have a car waiting for you at the airport. However, some fees are often associated with this, and it’s not ideal if you’re on a budget. What you need is to go to a downtown location to prevent the additional charges. Take the bus or download a ridesharing app. In the heart of the metro, plenty of cars are available, and you should not hesitate to call and get a vehicle of your choice.

If this is going to be a single day of sightseeing, you’ll be able to save more in the long run and not have daily charges on your credit card. Booking online will also give you an option to pick up the vehicle in a non-airport location, so this is something that you might want to consider.

9. Be Nice

Ask for upgrades if they are available. There’s a chance that when the other tourists have taken the cheapest vehicles, you’ll have a free one without any additional fees. However, it’s something that you may want to ask nicely, and the bigger models are often consuming a lot of gas. Some hotels may also charge you for an oversized vehicle, so this is something that you need to be wary of.

10. Choose a Single Driver

There are additional fees involved with car rentals in Norway or Tromsø. Even if this is going to be your spouse, it can result in a $10/day charge. Figure out which one is the better driver and good with directions. Having only one renter will save you lots of money in the long run.

It’s also best to take extra care if you’re driving in a new country. Avoid getting penalties, return the vehicle at the agreed time, and always fill up the tank before dropping the car off.

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