How to Create a Professional Photo Background: A Guide

A man getting a photo clicked with a professional photo background.

Did you know that a photo with a professional photo background helps people remember 65 percent of the content compared to hearing about that same information? One of the big keys to finding success as a professional photographer is understanding how to create that picture-perfect (pun intended) photo background using a photo editor.

You don’t want to capture the perfect image only to have someone or something in the background that detracts from the photo. You can always edit background but it’s easier to capture the perfect image the first time around.

Luckily, you’ve found the perfect place to learn all about how to get the perfect professional photo background each and every time. Keep reading this article for some helpful tips for your picture background today!

Find a Blank Space

If you want to eliminate any risk of having an unprofessional photo background then your best bet is to use a blank space. Your two best color options are white spaces or black spaces. White walls also make for a great photo background that you won’t need to remove with a background remover.

Wide Aperture

Nature and the great outdoors is a great setting for a professional photo background that you won’t need to remove. One of the most effective ways of capturing a beautiful background is by using a wide aperture setting on your camera. You can use this method to capture city skylines, white picket fences, and flower gardens in the background of your photos.

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Natural Lighting

The best lighting for your professional photo background is natural lighting, and it is worth waiting to capture your images until the best lighting arrives. The lighting is the most important element of the image background. The best times to shoot are during the sunrise and the sunset.

Set the Background

You should also allow your creative juices to flow and set up a relevant background for the person that you’re taking photographs of. There is no better time to have some fun with backgrounds than when the holidays approach. You can create a picture background that is fun while still remaining professional.

Get Rid of Clutter

One thing that will take away from your photo background in the blink of an eye is unwanted clutter. The clutter in the background of the image is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. Always take some time to clean up the area where you plan on holding the photo shoot if you want to have the perfect image background for your customers.

Now You’re Ready to Create a Professional Photo Background

A professional photo background is what will ultimately make or break your photography career, so it is important that you do the little things that will take your image background to the next level. Do your best to hold your photo shoots when the natural light is at its best, and avoid having clutter in the background. You should also use a wide aperture to capture the natural setting in the background.

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