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How Much Does a Bugatti Cost?

Bugatti; just the sound of the name gives me goosebumps. It is the fastest and most expensive car in the world, which many of us dream of buying. There was a time when only celebrities and rich people could afford to own a Bugatti, but today it is not the same as it used to be. Since then, globalization has made people wealthier, and vanity urges us all to live like a king. If you want to own a Bugatti, you should have an unlimited credit card in your wallet. To have that, you need to be the Wolf of Wall Street! So how much does a Bugatti car cost?

And besides, why is it so damn expensive? Before that, you should learn a few things about this man-made machine so you can put your million dollars into the right car.

Here is the short version of its history:

The French are known for their romance, and they have also done a pretty good job of making cars. This French-made car company was founded in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti, who was born in Italy. Bugatti is known for its aesthetic design beauty and high-performance engineering. The company also participated in and won only a few competitive races, for example, Bugatti won the Monaco Grand Prix for the first time in 1930. Due to unavoidable financial difficulties the company was bought by Volkswagen in 1998.

Why is the Bugatti So Expensive?

How Much Does a Bugatti Car Cost?

If you search in Google for “The most expensive cars in the world”, you will find Bugatti among the first 10 results. Everyone can agree that it is always a matter of pride to have an expensive car in your home garage. So if you already own a Bugatti, then you are a celebrity in your whole neighborhood. Be proud of yourself!

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Here are the few secret ingredients that make the Bugatti so expensive:

  • Very limited production: The production costs of supercars are so high because only very few cars are produced per year, an amount which corresponds to the demand. These are cars that are made to measure and handmade by engineers all over the world. Even the paintwork of the car is examined by experts and applied according to the wishes of the customer or buyer. In order to reduce the total production costs, like Lamborghini, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Bugatti has a production level of 300 to 600 cars per year. Since not everyone can afford to buy these cars, these manufacturers follow a method called Demand-for-Supply. For example, if you have ordered a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 in the month of January, it is delivered to you in the month of July.
  • Input costs: When it comes to car manufacturing, reducing input costs is every owner’s dream. The materials used in Bugatti are inspected by the quality control team and must be approved by world-class, experienced engineers. The most important parts of the car such as the carbon roof, bonnet, Z-tyres, paintwork, forged rims, exotic leather, titanium suspension and finally the exhaust system will account for about 80% of the total price of a car.
  • Marketing/PR/Branding: Even though Bugatti has a well-established brand name around the world, it still needs its marketing campaigns and PR events. Bugatti sponsors only a few major world-class racing sports in the world. If you are not aware already, racing sponsorship is absurdly expensive.
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How Much Does a Bugatti Car Cost?

Here are the three most expensive Bugatti models right now:

1.Bugatti Veyron Grand Sports Vitesse WRC (2013) 


bugatti car
bugatti car

0-60 mph: 2.7 secs     |             MPG: NA         |                   Top Speed: 254 mph

2. Bugatti Veyron Rembrandt Edition (2014)


bugatti car
bugatti car

0-60 mph: 2.6 secs     |      MPG: 6 city / 16 hwy   |      Top Speed: 254 mph

3.Bugatti Veyron Jean Bugatti (2013)


bugatti car
bugatti car

0-60 mph: 2.6 secs            |             MPG: 8 highway              |           Top Speed: 254 mph

I’m sure you would agree that these jaw-dropping machines are one of man’s finest creations.

Additional costs

If you want to buy a supercar, you only have to pay a few other fees before you can start driving. EMI, insurance, taxes, extended warranty, depreciation costs, fuel costs, maintenance and repair, storage costs are the largest part of the total costs on the buyer’s side.

These additional costs vary by location and it is mandatory to pay at the right time.

And finally, if you ever want your garage to look like the one in the film Fast and Furious, then Bugatti should be in your top ten lists. Since the times are over when only celebrities can afford supercars, it is time for you to become famous in your hometown, too. Spread your wheels to fly away. Remember also that even these celebrities sometimes forget to observe the safety rules. So before you get into your new Bugatti, learn the traffic safety rules and follow them with all your heart.

Fasten your seat belt, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride; are you ready to race against the wind?

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