Most of the men are gadget addicts and they wish to have the latest in the market. They conceive in making life simpler and looking cool and they can binge on the new gadgets and the latest in technology while many of them come at a cost. Mobile phones, iPods, Laptops, MP3 players and gaming consoles are the most common of the things that they use and if you don’t have any ideas regarding this, then here are some ideas on cool gadgets for men to help you out. They are not just funky, but they’ll even make him love you even more for sharing his craze on gadgets. They are pretty good gifts for anniversaries and birthdays and sure will impress him. But make sure that your wallet has enough bucks to splurge into them.

Apple iPhone 5S


This is possibly something that every man you know will love to have; you can dream of their joy particularly when such smartphones with a new nifty finger-print identity sensor, ultrafast LTE wireless, great 8MP iSight camera, motion-tracking chip, and lot more interesting stuff.

Wireless Security Camera


This will be a perfect cool gadget for men who love to know what’s happening in important places like home, office, backyard or garden. Your man will particularly enjoy watching his kids play in the garden knowing they are fine. This is one of the best cool gadgets for men those love spy gadgets.

Sports Watch with GPS Navigation


We all know men don’t especially like to ask for directions and with this small convenient gadget you could always know where you’re traveling without seeking for anyone’s help. For those who are keen on fitness, this can even assist you in determining the distances you cover when jogging and a few show how many calories you’ve burned off.

Beer Brewing Machine


With such a name it’s probably to attract even the most restrained people. Usually men love beer and those who don’t will might after getting this Beer Brewing Machine. It is basically a home-brew machine that helps you making beer in a simple method. As it can prepare a wide range of beers, lager, bitter, light and stout the whole procedure takes nearly 7 to 10 days. It deserves the wait because later on the 10 days you’ll be provided with your very own brand of beer that you can have together with your friends sitting in your yard. This is one of the best cool gadgets for men those who love beer.

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Apple iPad Air

Another gadget that has shook up men since its arrival is none other than the famous Apple iPad. At present there are a wide range of iPad versions that has various sorts of features that are packed into one small gadget. What with the power to watch your favorite movies, play games, listen to music like no one’s concern and mean while as more eBooks as you likely can. Apart from these things pointed out here, men love the way they can browse the web, check and view their emails as they stay connected with their family and friends having a portable gadget. This will be one of the perfect cool gadgets for men who love Apple products.

MP3 Sunglasses


This will be perfect cool gadget gift for any men who lives an active life; it will allow him to keep going with his routine works while listening to his favorite music. This is because of the advanced MP3 player attached within them. These sunglasses not just have an MP3 player but they even have a special UV layer to protect his eyes from the radiation. The other exciting feature is the MP3 alarm clock that will wake him up with one of your pre-stored love message.

Funky Car Accessories


Every man loves his car and the more he could do for it, the best. And this is where you can gift your man something cool that he loves. And there are many different choices too. If you are low on budget, you can buy a car key ring which extends up as a key ring, a pen knife and a cork screw. If you could go higher, you can prefer gifting some exciting car lights to light up the interiors with built-in motion sensors. If you could go even higher, you can gift him a car music system with blasting woofers and Wi-Fi.

Digital Photo Frame


How about a gift with personalized gadget gift with sweet memories? Sounds nice, isn’t it. Gift your man a digital photo frame, which has pre-stored photos of beautiful moments you spent together. This will show how much you love him and in turn makes him love you even more. A digital photo frame costs around US$60. This will be one of the best cool gadgets for men those who love to be romantic.

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Samsung NX30


In addition to larger, sharp images and 3D video, Samsung’s latest NX30 compact device even provides Wi-Fi features, cloud access, and NFC connectivity that support Mobile Link & PhotoBeam for instant and effortless sharing. This will be perfect gadget gift for men those who love photography.

Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


When you subscribe to Beats however don’t subscribe to being attached to your audio gadget, the Studio headphones now available in a wireless version. Regardless you get the same rechargeable battery, re-engineered sound quality and Adaptive Noise Cancellation, but now don’t need to have a wire connected to whatever is playing your music. Bluetooth works for 30 feet so you can wander inside your office, room or recording studio while listening to music. It’s the same classic pair of Beats Studio headphones with small included freedom. This will be one of the best cool gadgets for men those who love music.

Cool Sports Gadgets For Men


Calorie-Counter-Pedometer, Bike Computers, Aerobic Activity Pedometer, GPS Tracker etc are a few gadgets that any man into fitness and sports will love. They could be used in regular manner and will help them to maintain their time course and help them with their plan or with their outdoor sports. You can buy these cool gadgets for men not more than 100 USD.

Sports Helmet Camera


It is another great gift choice for men those who love outdoor activities. The ideal action camera, it shoots some of the best moments while biking, skateboarding or base-jumping.

Electrical Cork Openers


This is especially for the men who, like everyone else, love to serve his guests with the finest wine, but just like others has had a few unpleasant moments trying to get the cork off in la mode. This rechargeable, electric cork opener will just do it for you. Place it over the cork and simply tap the switch. No pulling, no tugging, and no spilling. And it is available at less than 40 UAD. When he acquires it, he’ll always hold you by his side in the next party.

Hope you loved all the above mentioned cool gadgets for men. If you have any other cool gadget gift ideas for men, let us know by commenting below.


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