Birthday Gifts Ideas For Boyfriend: Impress Him with Exciting Gadgets

Birthday is an important occasion in everyone’s life. Literally, some boys may expect something they weren’t had in their life to happen on their special day. If you feel that your boy friend is one among them, then this article is especially for you. Before you make some certain decision about the birthday gifts for your boyfriend have glimpse at the birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. Surprise him, by letting him know that you have analyzed his behavior well to present him “what he exactly had in mind”. The fun part is to find what he really likes the most.

There are three different types of boyfriend a girl could have, each one of them have different surprising things in their life. The first thing you have to do is to figure what kind of a guy he is. Then gift him the best surprising gift he could ever have in his life.

The synopsis of the three types with the exclusive birthday gift ideas for boyfriend and gifts for boyfriend are well aligned with simple quotes.

gift ideas for boyfriend

Type 1: Birthday Gifts for Electronic Addicts

Most obviously, men are addictive to gadgets, fantasy items, thrillers and exciting things and as many as you want. The quote line is the electronic item that makes their life easy. Easy to connect with people, handy for their lifestyle, trendy things and things they are so fascinated about. So the first category of boys prolongs with electronic items and loves geek gadgets. If your man is on this state then these are some exciting gifts to sweep him off his feet on his birthday.

Electronic Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

When we step into the technology, you will have a wide range of option to choose from. Choosing the best will be the headache for you, therefore you should choose the latest gadget on the market about which he murmurs a lot. If so, your task will be so simple, else you have to smash the gadget market to look in for the best gadget for men. Here are some crucial items a boy will be desperate of.

Gift the Latest iModels to Your Boyfriend

best gift ideas for boyfriend

This aren’t going to surprise you, men are so fascinated about the new iModel in the market. In addition, they always have an urge to get the new ones in replacement of their old gadget. If a new iModel like iPhone, iPad, iPod or iBook is released at the mean time you can gift him, and surely he is be so excited about it.

Gift Geek Gadgets To Your Boyfriend

geek gadgets

If you aren’t aware of the geek gadgets yet, this read some of the geek gadgets and know what it’s like. These gadgets are more like an entertainment stuffs which they will always fascinated about. It’s more like an epic gadget that will keep him wondering about.

NUU Splash Bluetooth and Waterproof Portable Speaker

This portable device is affordable and quite handy if you are looking for something interesting for your boyfriend on his birthday. With this gadget he could connect to the speaker and hear his favorite songs.

VuPoint Portable Photo and Document Wand Scanner

This is a handy gift for your boyfriend if he is working on a concern or a nerd who will carry some documents and e-books all along. To keep it simple you can gift you boyfriend VuPoint Portable Photo and Document Wand Scanner so that he could carry his documents and scan photo’s and documents right away. Literally, he will keep it and it would be quite useful to him.

Note: stay away from the usual gifts unless you are certain that he doesn’t own it. Below are some usual gifts often people would give for the sake of luxury and to show their devotion to their boy friend. This might be the blabber of your boy friend on your date.

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Gift a LED TV to Your Boyfriend

Sounds usual, but if your boyfriend is tired of watching all his favorite shows in a small TV, why not offer him a Brand new LED TV in a larger size. Boys always get fascinated to spend their best day with their best surprise, sometimes it could be off the chart for him to imagine, you’re going to hit with a huge surprise he never had before.

Gift a Bike To Your Boyfriend

best gift ideas for boyfriend

Not every men like riding in a safe way inside a full shielded car. Some will be looking for thrill rides on the road. Moreover, you will be desperate to have a bike ride with your man. The fresh air blowing on the skin is an amazing feeling which you may not deny. It could be too expensive but if you can afford, then your man will be surprised to have one of the best birthday gifts for boyfriend.

Gift a Car to Your Boyfriend

best gift ideas for boyfriend

A car will be an unexpected gift for boyfriend, to be honest men will never think their girl friend might spend so much just for his birthday. This is also an expensive gift a guy could have on his birthday. If you’re so devoted and have enough to spend for a car to impress and show you involvement in your relationship, this ought to be the best birthday gift for boyfriend.

Gifts for Wine and Food Lovers

Gift baskets that are loaded with foods and best wines might also be a great choice of best birthday gifts for boyfriend. You have various selections to choose form, you can gift, wine gift baskets, beer gift baskets, sports-themed gift baskets, cookie gift baskets and so on.

For Adventure Seekers – Birthday Gifts

birthday gifts for boyfriend

If your guy is an adventure seeker and outdoorsy kind, you could plan an adventurous date. Go for a bungee jumping or zip lining or do adventure sports such as kayaking. This will surely make him electrified. Later on you can go for a romantic dinner while you watch the sunset together. This could be one of the best birthday gift ideas for boyfriend.

Type 2: Birthday Gifts for Romantic Lover

If you think your boyfriend is addicted to you and don’t think anything beyond you, then the best gifts for the romantic hero is listed below. As above this is also a view point of gifts and honestly birthday gift ideas for boyfriend, so you can use these ideas to get the best birthday gift for your boyfriend.

Gift a Photo Album of Your Special and Favorite Moments

best android apps for kids


So, you hang out with your boyfriend and take plenty of photos together then this is the best moment to organize every cute photo into one fabulous album. Our hero would love to be in park with you on his birthday, set up a nice location with some arrangements to sweep him off his feet. At the instance gift him an album consisting of best moments captured with your phone.

Gift Your Whole Day with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Prepared By You for Your Boyfriend

best gift ideas for boyfriend

Yes! When I say this people might be thinking what a crap! Is that what he calls as gift idea! But soulfully, sweet and devoted boyfriend wouldn’t expect anything more than this, if this is your gift. Actually, your care and love possess him more than anything when you’re through this. If you are expert cook and know his favorite dishes, then it’s your day. Simply go for it!

Personalize your gift for your boyfriend’s Birthday

best gift ideas for boyfriend


Genuinely, boys will be expecting something that no other could have. Precisely, the gift specially created and designed by you for your boyfriend. This should be the best gift for your lover boy. Think of something, I just give you a tip for choosing something “Close your eyes and think of a special moment and make a painting of it”. No offense, it’s really hard to do it rather than telling it, I just meant to say, come up with something that only known by you and your boyfriend.

Take Your Boyfriend for a Picnic or Movie and Present Him Some Pleasant Moments

You’d have done this all through your relationship, make it more special on the special day of your boyfriend. Take your boyfriend to a lonely and romantic place and show him how him your love and devotion. This would be a delight and romantic gift of all time.

Gift a T-Shit Printed With the Picture of You Both

best gift ideas for boyfriend

Now a day, boys showing a greater interest in tees, so gift your boyfriend a t-shirt. Not to mention, print a picture of your best moment. The t-shirt sellers now started to print designs according to the order of the clients, therefore getting a t-shirt with your best moment won’t be a difficult task anyway.

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Gym Accessories

The best birthday gifts for boyfriend who is a gym lover will be the gym accessories. Surprise him by gifting gym accessories such as dumb bells, protein powders, a pair of shoes, an arm sleeve, a training manual, protein powder, and so on. Whenever he trains using the accessories gifted by you, it remembers him of you. I’m sure your boyfriend would love it!

Sports Gifts

There is nothing better than gifting a perfect set of sports kit for a sport loving boyfriend. But before that, try to know his favorite sports. If your boyfriend is a football fanatic, gift him with a pair of new football shoes, a personalized calendar of his favorite team, personalized football cufflinks or a pair of tickets for a football match will surely be one of the best birthday gift ideas for boyfriend that loves sport.

 Have an Insight and Come Up with Better Ideas

Just penetrate into his thoughts and get to know what makes him happier. If you had chance to chat with parents or close friends figure it out. Else if you know your man better than anyone, this would be a piece of cake. Come up with a better idea of your own and surprise him.

Type 3: Birthday Gifts Ideas for Nerds

Do you think he is a nerd who will always immerse himself in research and studies? Then your mission is to find the best gift to amaze him and to grab and divert his attention towards you. Usually, nerds will be looking for some new technologies and interesting news happened around lately. So, you have to target on the scientific creation, research books and other stuffs that brings him complete pleasure.

Gift Books to Your Boyfriend

best gift ideas for boyfriend

When we come to this part it is actually a Cinderella story to bring your man under your possession, rather they would spend the time in their research than with other stuffs. Henceforth, you have to look at his likings and offer it for a gradual diversion of his like towards you. Let’s say, a book with new scientific adventure or interesting creations would be a better choice.

Gift an Electronic Device That Suits Him

There are plenty of devices now avail in the market that meets the demands of nerds. Usually men interested in science will adore having them. Just browse through the gadgets and inventions to pick one among many.

Gift a Robot to Your Boy Friend

Wait wait! I didn’t mean to gift him a man size robot intimate, it usually mean, a tiny robot that could emphases his creative mind. Cute little robots ought to cheap would be your pick on your boyfriends birthday.

 Grab Ideas Through Your Conversation With Your Boyfriend

If you are happy with my suggestions, then it’s time for you to get into action. Start your conversation and try to fetch enough ideas like “the things he desire” “the gadget he is looking to own” “stuffs that could help his experiments” and much more. Grab an idea and figure the gift that you could afford for your boy friend and the one he’d love. Seriously, no one could tell what a man wish than him.

Tips- while choosing a birthday gifts for boyfriend

  • Before choosing a gift, get to know the things he doesn’t like more than the things he would love. Never gift him the things he isn’t okay with.
  • Get some random ideas from his friends and family while choosing a gift for your boyfriend.
  • Try to know what he loves and don’t have in his pocket, if he has iPad and looking to buy a iPod then this must be your hot pick.
  • You could buy a cup with his name or zodiac sign, or rice written with your names (cute things that will keep you in his mind).
  • Don’t rely on his favorite music and movies, as he’ll already have them.
  • Don’t stick with his favorite color and brand, because he would have many of his favorites.
  • Don’t pick some cologne or trousers, probably his family would gift him.

Before executing an idea from this list of birthday gift ideas for boyfriend make sure you have selected the best and the gift he’ll will adore instantly. Don’t waste your money and time on something unnecessarily. If you have any better birthday gift ideas for boyfriend feel free to share here.

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