25 Amazing Facts About Famous Food Chains

Whenever we are hungry, we want to munch on whatever we can. All we can think about is different food sources. Some of these food stores have become important parts of our daily routine. We munch on their delicious delicacies, and some have even become our favorite dishes. There are some fun facts about these internationally famous food chains that we rarely take note of. So let us explore 25 such facts.

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25 Amazing Facts About Famous Food Chains

1. KFC was founded at a gas station owned by the founder Harland Davis Sanders. At that time chickens were originally cooked in a pressure cooker.


2. KFC chicken is actually smuggled into Gaza from Egypt.

3. The name was changed from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC, keeping in mind the growing trend of healthy eating. So they wanted to downplay the word “fried”.

4. McDonald’s has a unique menu for each country.


5. McDonald’s distributes the largest number of toys in the world.

6. Paris is the only place in the world where McDonald’s arches have white arches instead of gold ones.

7. A McDonald’s near Buckingham Palace is owned by the Queen of England.

8. The original name of Starbucks Coffee was Pequod’s Coffee.


9. Over 87,000 drink combinations are possible on the Starbucks menu.

10. Starbucks spends more on employee health insurance than it does on coffee beans.

11. The Starbucks Trenta-sized cup is larger than the human stomach. Surprisingly, the small cup size of 8oz is not on the menu. But you can order it. It’s hidden to encourage people to order larger drink sizes.

12. Subway has approximately 37 million sandwich combinations available on its menu.


13. The original Subway sandwich had no salad, but today it uses 16 acres of salad per day.

14. The first company to deliver pizza into space was Pizza Hut. The total cost was about $1,000,000.


15. Pizza Hut was the largest consumer of kale before 2013. Surprisingly, they never actually served it but used it to decorate salads.

16. The name of the first website of Dunkin’ Donuts was “Open Kettle”. Coffee and donuts became the best-selling products. Therefore the company was called Dunkin’ Donuts.


17. The chain is, in reality, a coffee sales company where you can order coffee in about 15,000 ways.

18. To make it easier to dunk, the original donut had a handle.

19. The original name of Taco Bell was Taco Tia.


20. Although Mexican food was served, two attempts to open restaurants in Mexico did not go well, as the locals called it “American Food”.

21. The Dairy Queen in Texas serves a menu that is different from all other outlets.


22. Marc Cuban ran a Dairy Queen for a day, in 2002.

23. Burger King is called “Hungry Jacks” in Australia.


24. Burger King’s initial name was Insta-Burger King.

25. The brand was purchased by Pillsbury in 1960s.

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