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10 Directors Who Should Be Behind Bars

The lives of celebrities are well publicized because they are right in front of the camera. But what about the people who work behind them? Do they also receive recognition and become known? Yes, they do. Directors who are the most important people behind the camera receive credits, recognition and the general respect of the people in their field.

But no matter how much respect a particular person gets for being talented and skilful, or how they work behind the lens, you will feel the opposite when you know the things they have done which can already be considered criminal charges. These people have committed crimes, but unfortunately they are still at large because they are protected by their fame, their contributions, and their money.

10 Directors Who Are Be Behind The Bars

This article lists the top 10 directors who must be punished by law:

1. Rupert Sanders

Directors Who Need To Be Punished By The Law

Credit: twitchfilms

If a woman catches her husband cheating, she usually files for divorce. But, if the truth is told, adultery is already punishable by the law of God and the laws made by man. Sanders, the director of “Snow White and the Hunter”, had an affair with the film’s leading actress, Kristin Stewart.

Stewart, who plays Isabella Swan of the acclaimed Twilight Saga film franchise, was already having a relationship with Robert Pattinson at the time of the fraud scandal. Both have apologised to their respective partners, but once trust is broken, it is definitely hard to earn it back again.

2. Michael Morris

Directors: Michael Morris

Credit: mycelebrityfriends2.wordpress

Another philandering director on the list is Michael Morris, who was seen kissing Katherine McPhee (who, incidentally, is also married). Both were co-workers for the television series “Smash”. McPhee was a regular actress on the series, while Morris only directed some episodes of the series.

3. Mel Gibson

Directors: Mel Gibson

Credit: taddlr

Gibson may be a great actor and director, but is he a good person? Perhaps not. It is not new that Gibson exhibited erratic behaviour that led to a restraining order against him for alleged domestic violence.

Oksana Grigoryeva applied for a restraining order to prevent Gibson from making contact with her and her child. Since we are talking about domestic violence, it is only right that Gibson be punished under the law. However, the charges were dropped because Gibson did not object to the charge of assault.

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4. Abel Ferrara

Directors: Abel Ferrara

Credit: thefilmstage

I have put Ferrara on this list for two reasons: threat and defamation. He once said in a September 2014 article in the Hollywood Reporter that the IFC centre located in Manhattan should be burned down for betraying him. Is that not a clear sign of threat? But Ferrara was able to stay away from the subject by saying that what he said was only meant metaphorically.

On the other hand, he also faces a libel suit by former IMF chief Dominque Strauss-Kahn. The lawsuit was filed over the alleged use of Strauss-Kahn’s sex scandal in Ferrara’s film, which again damaged the former boss’s reputation. But if there is one thing I can praise Ferrara for, it is the fact that he never mentioned Strauss-Kahn’s name in his film.

5. Jason Alexander

Directors: Jason Alexander

Credit: thechannelmagazine

Director Jason “Jace” Alexander, who directed several episodes of “Law & Order”, faces two charges of child pornography. The first was a Class D felony in which he promoted the sexual performance of a child, and the second was a Class E felony in which he was caught in possession of an indecent sexual performance by a child.

6. Vadim Perelman

Directors: Vadim Perelman


Perelman is a Canadian-American film director who directed “House of Sand and Fog” and “Life Before Her Eyes” with Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood. Perelman was charged with sexual assault in 2006. However, these charges were to be dropped and his record to be cleared if he stayed out of trouble for two years. Although the case was classified as minor (he touched the buttocks of two women and accidentally hit one person intended for another), he should still have been taught a lesson and not simply put on special probation.

7. Kevin Thomas Roy

Directors: Kevin Thomas Roy

Credit: dailymail

Kevin Thomas Roy is an Assistant Director who has not contested the charges of invasion of privacy brought against him. Roy had been accused of possessing 400 pictures and 40 videos of women (actresses, models, family members, female crew members, friends and strangers) changing clothes and using the toilet. These pictures were taken by hidden cameras.

8. Bryan Singer

Directors: Bryan Singer

Credit: variety

Sexual abuse is more prevalent in Hollywood than you can imagine. It can even be considered a “sexual den”, especially by new and aspiring stars. Most of the big names in the industry like Bryan Singer would use talent to satisfy their lust and need for flesh.

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The lawsuit filed against Singer is presented as a criminal sexual act. However, the person who filed the suit under the name of Michael Egan has dropped the lawsuit and currently Egan is the person being charged with securities and wire fraud. There have also been two other civil actions against Singer, but these too have all been dropped. Whether it is true or not, I only hope that justice can be served where it really should be.

9. Woody Allen

Directors: Woody Allen

Credit: telegraph

Another of the directors who should be punished under the law is Woody Allen. Whenever I hear the name Woody Allen, my blood just boils in my veins. Who in their right mind would be in a relationship with their stepdaughter?

Allen is a great director, but he’s not that great at being a parent. He had a sexual relationship with his step-daughter, Soon-Ye Previn. The crime was only revealed when Mia Farrow, Allen’s ex-wife, saw Polaroid photos of her daughter in full frontal nudity with her legs wide open.

The pictures were taken by Allen. What is even more disgusting about this person is that he also sexually abused his biological daughter Dylan Farrow when the lady was only seven years old. Dylan Farrow said that the director would take her to the attic and perform the act there to indulge his sexual desires.

10. Roman Polanski

Directors: Roman Polanski

Credit: muzul

Polanski, a well-known film director, was arrested for the rape of a 13-year-old girl, Samantha Geimer. Instead of being tried before prison bars, the director fled the country and lived lavishly in America, where he still makes films and wins awards.

Although he was arrested in his home in Switzerland in 2009, he was released from his house arrest in 2010. It is sad to say that even if a person has already committed a serious rape, many people (especially Hollywood’s A-list) still wanted him released, including Jodie Foster and Woody Allen. Seriously? Just because he’s a director doesn’t mean that he can get a free ticket out of prison, considering that the young girl was vaginally, anally and orally raped. So, is there really a free ticket for this?

I hope you know the real faces of the directors who are behind bars and should be severely punished for their crime.

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