Who Invented Sign Language?

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Before 16th century, deaf and dumb were treated badly. They were assumed idiots and incapable of skills. In fact, they were either locked in asylums or killed. Wasn’t that terrible? Now, when we speak of deaf and dumb, the one thing that hits our mind while trying to communicate them is none other than “Sign Language”. It was one of the best discoveries but have you ever tried to wonder who invented sign language? Read to know

Who Invented Sign Language For The Deaf & Dumb?

An Italian doctor named “Geronimo Cardano” got the idea of teaching deaf and dumb with the help of written characters. These incorporated a combination of symbols with associated objects.

During 18th century, Charles De L’Epec (Frenchman) created sign language. His system used conventional gestures of arms and hands in a way that they could convey a message accurately. Meanwhile, finger alphabets were used and this resembled exactly the ones we use today.