When Tweets Turn Into Tweaks

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Tweeting has become one of the most important work for the celebrities nowadays. It can be a publicity stunt or a gossip gimmick. No matter what you call it, we all enjoy our favorite celebs tweet. Don’t we? Here are some of the hilarious ones of all time from the well-known celebs. Hope you will have a giggle time while reading these tweets.

1. Critical thinking?? Are you kidding me!!123708-original


2. Like seriously “ewww”123709-original


3. *Knock knock* What are you exactly trying to say? Lol123710-original


4. Twitter beef!! Someone, please suggest him some good taglines.


5. Oh really!! *facepalm*123713-original


6. Do we have to laugh??123714-original


7. Quite swaggy..123719-original


8. Poor Starbucks.. Rofl123722-original


9. So guys, from now on believe in the failure..123723-original