When A Calgary Man Pulled A Real Life “Up”

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When a Calgary man pulled a real life “Up.”
Image Source: vancouverne.ws

Meet Calgary’s own “Danny Deckchair.” It wasn’t a normal day at the Calgary on Sunday evening. The residents of this cosmopolitan city were surprised with a one off sighting in the evening sky that left many rubbing their eyes harder to believe what they saw. The locals were enthralled by the sight of a man perched on a lawn chair, which was then strapped to a festively hued helium balloons. Although, the incident came as a surprise to many, it was opined as an unnecessary publicity stunt.
As for the balloon rider, he passed over downtown and parachuted himself to safety. The man landed on the green space near Highfield Blvd, where he was awaited by the law enforcers. They were initially unaware of his destination, but upon interrogation it was revealed that he intended to land at Stampede grounds.
This Calgary citizen Daniel Boria who was 26 years old faces one count of mischief for endangering life. The man who was detained by the police until Monday told the media he had drifted due to strong winds.
When asked about the purpose of this stunt, he informed it was to promote his cleaning business. He also told, although he expected some consequences, he never assumed it would end up in arrest and detention.
His aerial contraption included a $ 20 lawn chair bound to 100 balloons that floated around the city of Calgary.
Here is the video of this man’s flight of fancy

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kBPphTZmMQ]