What If You Can Rest Inside A Transparent Bubble? – Relaxation Redefined

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Micasa Lab has designed a new translucent bubble called the Cocoon 1, which offers a new way of hideaway for comfort, pleasure and relaxation. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. With the Cocoon 1, you could spend your extraordinary moments in a comfy setting and as it’s transparent, you can go through the world outside eventually.


You can use the Cocoon 1 for cooking, working, napping or even as a storage space and the amazing thing is that it can also be used in water. Having 180 cm of diameter, the Cocoon 1 is an ideal relaxing room inside a room. It can be set on the floor or hung to a ceiling with various attachment schemes.


For outdoor usage, special attachments could be put in – every single item can be purchased individually as per the user’s needs. The kitchen feature comes with a power pack which has plenty power for 40 hrs of light or 20 hrs of light and 30 minutes of cooking and the water annex could be merged with ‘foundation 360’ which consists of a pipe for escape. Thanks to its shape, versatility of use and transparency, it is excellent as a room inside a room or for outdoors. The Cocoon 1 costs about 2,990 USD.

cocoon1-03Image Credits: www.designboom.com

Check out the video to know more about ‘Cocoon 1’: