What Happens When You Put A Nursery School In A Nursing Home? – Lots Of Smiles And Tears

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There is a strange similarity between the toddlers and the elderly people. Both the generations want companions and love selflessly.

Mount St. Vincent is a Nursing Home in Seattle, Washington where a bunch of kids come daily to study on weekdays. The arrangement has paved a way for heart-warming interactions between the pre-school kids and the aged ones. The interaction of both of the generation is filmed for an entire year by Filmmaker Evan Briggs. 

Though the generation gap between the people is too much, they find peace and happiness in each other. Your heart will surely melt down as the video will continue.





Moreover, we appreciate the step taken to make the lives of both the parties radiant. Hope this video will enlighten many other souls and we may see more of such arrangements worldwide, in future.