Walk Like A Wizard With This Invisible Air Umbrella!

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Why use a usual boring umbrella, when there is an invisible air umbrella available? Guys usually don’t love to hold umbrellas, but this stuff will change that factor. Designers Woo Jung Kwon and Je Sung Park, have invented a new umbrella that just has the handle and nothing else. The Air Umbrella is a mere electronic device that pulls in air at the bottom of the handle and projects it out at the top to form a “drape” of air that can gross out raindrops.



Image Credits: www.yankodesign.com

The power of the air projected through can be set manually as per how heavy the rain is. The Air Umbrella can be shrunk back thus it fits easily in your pocket or bag. You even don’t have to worry about holding wet object around inside. You’re basically just walking about holding a stick as you’re a lord being damn wizard. Other people are getting wet and you are walking under an invisible shield.

When the time comes, I WILL buy one of these invisible air umbrellas.air-umbrella

Watch the video to know how it actually works: