This is May Be One Of the Best Airlines Ads That Will Make You Cry!

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Best Airlines Ads

To promote its route between UK & India, British Airways has produced an advertisement which is deeply touching & moving: makes you cry and smile at the same time – it’s a deeply emotional ad. The Airways’ flight attendant falls in love with India after her first trip to India: the ad tells the story of a deep personal bonding between the flight attendant and one of Airways’ elderly customers.

“Loving India back since 1924.” Is the tagline of the touching video ad which has been viewed 734,965 times on YouTube at the time of writing this piece.

Credit: britishairways


This not for the first time British Airways has given an emotional touch to its business in India, In 2014 it had produced a similar ad which was viewed 2.5 million times on YouTube about an Indian couple, living in a middle-class combined family who got a chance to spend time together on a trip, Holiday in London, gifted by British Airways.

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