This Is Where All The ICE BUCKET Challenge Money Went!

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This Is Where All The Ice Bucket Challenge Money Went!

We all remember the ICE BUCKET challenge in 2014 right, also you must remember watching videos of celebrities taking this challenge and showed their support through all over the social Medias. If you didn’t know, this challenge was started by Pete Frates, a former basketball player and previously diagnosed with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in 2011. All around the world, celebrities, Politician, CEO’s, and many citizens took this challenge and created broad awareness about this disease for those never even heard about it. Many people donated from millions to few dollars, so what happens to all those money? Here is exactly where all the ice bucket challenge money is!

According the ALS Foundation blog post it received total of 115 Million dollar and each single dollar was spent on the ALS research, communities, education, and fundraising activities.  Almost 67% of the money directly sent to the research and studies about the ALS foundation.

This Is Where All The Ice Bucket Challenge Money Went!

With all funding and support from people around the world, ALS foundation working tirelessly on finding the cure for this disease. We hope not to see a single person on earth with this disease in the future.