Little Girl Who Lost Her Arm To Cancer Receives A Three-Legged Kitten As Christmas Gift

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Little Girl Who Lost Her Arm To Cancer Receives A Three-Legged Kitten As Christmas Gift

A two year old girl in South California who lost her left arm after fighting with cancer has received a “Three-Legged Kitten” as Christmas gift. The girl was diagnosed with a rare cancer and during her treatment doctors have to cut his left arm to save her.

The two year old girl name is “Scarlette Tipton”, she went to surgery when she was just 10 months old. Her parents Matt and Simone Tipton recently adopted a kitten; the kitten lost her paw in a car accident. According to her parents they wanted a pet who is “just like her”.

In an interview two year old Scarlette’s mother told that “When 2-year-old Scarlette and the kitten met, the little girl told her mother, “Owie,” while pointing to the kitten’s injury”.

Scarlette was born with an abnormal large left arm after many tests and treatments, the Tiptons learned that their daughter had a very unique and brutal kind of cancer. She went through many treatments and chemotherapy sessions but Doctors recommended amputating her arm to save her.

After her surgery she is considered cancer free but she is still going through many treatments. According to her mother she is going well and nothing is holding her back. She is a risk taker and loves to be adventurous.

The family was looking for a pet from many months, but they found one when they saw the Three-Legged Kitten.  The family is naming the kitten as “Doc” after Scarlette’s favorite cartoon character “Doc McStuffins”.


Scarlette has spent most of her life in the hospital, she is been through 19 Surgeries, blood transfusion and numerous invasive tests. But now she is recovering and with her new pet she is playing.