KFC Deep Fried Rat-Debunked

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KFC Deep Fried Rat-Debunked

Ever since the KFC deep-fried rat controversy surfaced on the internet, few feathers had ruffled at the KFC food franchise. The post surfaced in the social media after a diner from California posted a picture of KFC meal he ordered that appeared to look like a deep fried rat. The matter quickly escalated gathering backlash as the image went viral.

The customer’s claims were refuted by the KFC after a string of DNA tests were ordered on the piece of meat. Following an internal investigation ordered by the KFC, it was established the meat in question was indeed the chicken, and the extra batter that clung to the meat formed the tail-like extention.

The spokesperson from the KFC informed the media since the customer wasn’t cooperating; he had hired a lawyer and decided to have the meat tested at a third party lab.

However, since the DNA test revealed that the meat was hundred percent chicken, KFC now wants an apology from the customer for making false allegations.

The original post shared by the customer,

KFC Deep Fried Rat-Debunked
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