Guy Pranks On Subway By Reading Books With Fake Cover To See How They React

1 min

Few months ago a Comedian Scott Rogowsky boarded Subway in New York to prank the fellow passengers. He didn’t scare them nor did something weird. He just took out his book and started reading it; the only problem is that the book got a fake cover. Ridiculously Fake Cover.

Well, this first prank in the Subway was a massive hit, and now he is back again with the same prank but with more fake and inappropriate book titles. He captured the passengers reactions, and it was funny, confused and embarrassing. To give you an idea, he had books with titles like “Hiding your Erection from God, Why Women Deserve Less, 10,000 Dick Pics, Tinder Training your Toddler, and The Joy of Cooking Meth?”

It is not always that you see people reading such books. Well, here is the video, Enjoy!

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