Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out

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Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Asking a girl out has never been a simple thing for a guy. It can be hard, but once done, it can be the beginning of a great relationship. If the girl likes you, she’ll hope for going out with you. You just need to be honest and straightforward. And don’t lose your head by over-thinking it or you will make yourself even more anxious.

To avoid any last minute confusions, you must plan everything before-hand like where to take her, what she likes, etc. Following the initial respond, you have to initiate up to the date proposal, and make her know that it’s a date.

If she refuses, try to guess whether it’s a clear “no”, and see if she’s just judging your commitment and resolve in taking her out. Always have a “Plan B”, just in case something goes wrong.

Well, on the other-hand, finding cute ways to ask a girl out is the very start of the process, and I’m here to help you out.

Below are some of the best ways to ask a girl out!


Before all else, make sure whether or not the girl you have in mind is single, knows about you and is open to you, even if you aren’t not sure if she like you yet.


Try to know her likes and interests.



Find a timely event that you’re definitely sure she would like.


If she refuses for a date, tell her that you have an extra movie ticket and ask her if she wants to join you.


If she says “Yes!”, though you can’t use this as a date, you can still ask her

  • if she wants to grab dinner or a drink beforehand
  • or just say “Nice, I’ll see you there!”

You can also try something like this:




Ask her out again after a few days ad she says she would like to go out with you, then she loves to hangout with you and you should probably step up the game.