4 Best Fashion Hacks to Try Yourself

Over the years, life hacks have become essential for people on a budget or who love a project and want to salvage otherwise good products. Sometimes you want to fix or enhance something without spending a fortune or giving up and buying something new, making this thrifty concept that often results in a revolutionary new approach to an age-old problem — in fashion or otherwise — rather essential.

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If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your wardrobe or salvage an outfit that might otherwise end up in the donation or toss pile, trying out a fashion hack might save the day and result in a new outfit or style you’ll love. You might even create your own new hack or fashion trend others will use and follow.

Here are the four best fashion hacks to try yourself. 

1. Break in Your New Leather Jacket

When buying a new leather jacket, it’s always exciting and fun to enjoy the look and smell. However, these types of jackets are often less than cozy while still new. In fact, newer ones tend to be stiff, making it difficult to relax since it restricts your range of motion and feels bulky. To break it in, experts recommend cranking up the temperature in your shower to hot — you want that steam flowing — and stepping in while wearing your jacket. Avoid the stream of water, of course, and let the jacket absorb the moisture from the humidity. The moister your leather jacket becomes, the more it will shape and contour to your body.

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2. Never Let Them See You Sweat

You know those yellowish, brown patches around the armpits of your white shirt? Well, no matter how hard you try to remove those stains on laundry day, they always seem to remain in place. Next time, before you decide to toss your favorite white shirt in the washer, apply some lemon juice to and around the stained area. Then, use bleach when you wash it and let it air-dry outside. This three-pronged hack includes three bleaching elements that can’t lose: lemon, bleach and the sun. 

3. Invest in a Bodysuit or Two for Versatility

Bodysuits are highly functional fashion hacks to invest in, as you can pair them with just about any type of outfit. Whether you wear bodysuits with pants, shorts, or skirts under your favorite jacket or sweater — even sometimes on their own — you have the foundation for making a gorgeous and unique fashion statement all your own. 

Just add the right shoes, purse and accessories and you’ll create something comfortable and perfect for any occasion. The choice is yours: You can dress your bodysuit up or down or wear a particular style no matter where you’re headed. This hack lets you create multiple outfits largely out of clothing and accessories you own while adding beautiful, dynamic intimates to your collection. 

4. Keep Your Blue Jeans Blue and Your Black Jeans Black

If you’re like many people, you probably hate it as you watch your new jeans — no matter what color — fade a little each time you wash them. Fortunately, there’s a hack for that, allowing you to keep your favorite denim-wear in good condition and clean at the same time. The solution? Turn your jeans inside out before throwing them in the washer in cold water and add one cup of distilled vinegar.

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Try These Fashion Hacks to Save Treasured Clothes and Look Great

Adopting the life hack approach to the modern world will save you time, money and resources and ensure you look great. Make sure to protect your new blue jeans and favorite white blouse with some simple tricks, while turning your new leather jacket into a cozy constant companion. Additionally, make sure to invest in bodysuits and other intimates that serve as the foundation and centerpiece of old and new outfits. Finally, don’t hesitate to come up with some life and fashion hacks of your own.

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