Events That Will Give You Goosebumps: We may strive for advancement throughout life, but there are certain things in life, the joy of which cannot be replaced. The memories of the incidences that were adventurous for you at some point in life will continue making butterflies fly in your tummy, every time you sink into nostalgia.

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Events That Will Give You Goosebumps

1. Making a visit to your school after years and eating those junk delicacies available near the gate

2. Convincing your parents for months and finally getting a pet

3. Playing whole day after exams got over during childhood

4. The smell of first rains after getting tormented by the scorching heat of summer

5. Sitting idly on your terrace and thinking seriously about life

6. The first day of college

7. The memory of the kicks on your back on your birthday

8. A text from your crush

9. The call letter for your first job

10. The first proposal

11. The thrill of rafting, bungee jumping, skydiving for the very first time


12. The smell of food when you go home after a long time


13. Falling on your bed after a busy and a tired day

14. Getting rid of those clothes that you wore at somebody’s marriage and putting on your comfy pajamas

15. Changing channels on the T.V. and suddenly coming to the cartoon show from your childhood

16. Meeting a long lost friend co-incidentally on the way

17. Dancing as if no one is watching

18. Walking barefoot on green grass

19. Sipping hot tea on a chilling evening

20. You are out somewhere and a song connected to your memory is being played

It takes only little things to bring a smile on our faces. Such is the beauty of life…

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