10 Things Singles Get Extremely Irritated After Hearing

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Don’t take it wrong but the fact is that single people are actually tired of hearing few things over and over again. They get extremely annoyed. Even though I don’t fall in this category, I can still remember those statements/questions I once faced every holiday. It would just drive me crazy. So, without wasting much time of yours, I am here to tell you the 10 things every single person gets extremely annoyed to hear. Never tell them these.

10 Things Every Single Gets Annoyed To Hear

1. “How Come You’re Single Still?” Must Be Feeling Great Eh?


2. Are You Unmarried? Still? Really?


3. Do Not Worry. You Will Find Your Soul Mate Some Day.


4. Ditch It! There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea…

 5. Hey, How About Dating Your Best Friend? You Two Make A Lovely Pair!


6. I Am Desperate To See Your Future Spouse… It’s Gonna Be Amazing!


7. You Are Too Choosy In Picking One.


8. Perhaps, You Aren’t Trying Hard…


9. Maybe You Aren’t Serious For A Relationship Yet

 10. You’re Such A Gorgeous.. Then Why?