10 Stages When You Fall For Someone

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It is truly great when you fall in love. But what if I portray you with pictures about the different stages you’ve been through while falling for someone? It is damn hilarious. Watch it. I am sure you will love it.

Then 10 Great Stages Of Falling Into Someone

1. There you go. The first look and you feel as if no one is as beautiful as the one, whom you’re looking. It is the initial step and for few days, you two keep looking at each otherlooking-beautiful-and-gorgeous


2. You suddenly realize as if you two share many things in common. This is when you take the first step to get closetelling-hi-to-someone


3. Next, you begin your conversation. This lasts for hours and still you don’t realize the time runningwoman-in-shocked-state


4. That romantic atmospherewoman-saying-i-love-you


5. You talk everything about your life. This makes you feel on top of the worldfeel-on-top-of-the-world


6. You Spend Most Of Your Time By Being Romantica-happy-woman


7. It is that vacation time & you two have to be far and without meeting each other. You just hate to share texts and pictures all the day.a-woman-texting-and-crying


8. Those fights and crieswoman-crying


9. All of a sudden, you realize that this person is not the one, whom you are exactly made for. You decide to breakup and bid good-byewoman-hurt


10. Weeks pass and everything seems to be fading out. Everything becomes normal until your next romancea-woman-excited-and-saying-what