10 Facts About Abraham Lincoln You Weren’t Aware Of

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10 Facts About Abraham Lincoln You Weren’t Aware Of

You certainly might have read or heard about Abraham Lincoln. But there are certain facts about Abraham Lincoln, which you may be unaware of and this is something I am going to tell you through this article. Read on

10 Unknown Facts About Abraham Lincoln


  1. Abraham Lincoln suffered from depression. In fact, he never carried knives with him since he had a fear that he may use it on himself.
  2. Abraham Lincoln’s killer was a popular actor & he wouldn’t believe but Abraham himself was a huge fan of him.
  3. Abraham was the 1st major leader in US to believe that women must be permitted to vote.
  4. Edwin Booth (brother of Lincoln’s murderer – John Wilkes Booth) saved Abraham’s son, Robert from a horrible train accident.
  5. Walt Disney, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and Abraham Lincoln had no degree. They were college dropouts yet served something exceptional to this world with their intelligence.
  6. Lincoln was the one, who created “The Secret Service” right on the day he was shot dead.
  7. Lincoln’s dog – FIDO was assassinated too.
  8. Lincoln was the tallest US president. He was 6 feet and 4 inches.
  9. Lincoln’s father remarried to a widow. He was too close to his step-mom.
  10. Abraham was very fond of pets. He owned cats, horses, turkey and dogs.