You will be shocked to find out that the things that are very important bits of our day to day lives are actually equivalent to trouble or crimes in North Korea.

Activities That Would Lead You To Trouble

1. Watching TV

North Korean citizens can watch only state propaganda on Television.

2. Drinking Alcohol

The citizens are allowed to drink only on special days. Students are severely interrogated upon being caught drunk.

3. Practising Religion

The government says that they have granted “the freedom of religious belief”. Contrary to their claims, they have publicly executed 80 Christians for owning Bibles, in a stadium, in 2013.

4. Playing Music

All music in North Korea should add to the glory of the country and it is controlled by the state. Playing Western music is considered a crime and can get you killed.

 5. Driving

For citizens, there is approximately 1 car per 1000 people. On the other hand, senior officials possess some of the most lavish cars to flaunt their social status. People are not allowed to move freely in the country.

 6. Talking

If the citizens criticize or speak something ill about the government, they are sent to ‘Re-education Camps’, where they are subjected to hard work and made to learn the values of the regime.

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 7. International Calling

If you communicate with the world other than that falls under North Korea, you will be subjected to Death penalty.

 8. Pornography

Any activity related to pornography, including viewing, will lead you to getting killed. If you don’t believe, recall the time of 2013, when leader Kim Jong Un got his ex-girlfriend executed for a sex tape of her.

 9. Traveling Abroad

If North Koreans are caught leaving their country, they will be ordered to be killed. Some try to take refuge in China, but if they’re caught, they will face serious charges and execution.

 10. Surfing The Internet

Citizens can use the Internet only under the State’s authorization. It is an entire propaganda surfing.

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