Top 10 Best Music Apps For iPhone 2014


The good news about the iPHone is that as it’s an exceptional phone with some great features, there are even a plenty of uber-cool third party applications available which can make you capable of doing anything you could think of with your iPhone. This list covers some of the mind-boggling and best music apps for iPhone that can convert your iPhone into a music powerhouse. Ranging from applications that stream music from online radios to applications that can turn your iPhone into a piano or drums, we’ve got them all wrapped up.

10. TuneWikibest-music-apps-for-iphone

TuneWiki is a widely renowned music app for iPhone which combines several great features within a single app. You can check into the lyrics even while listening to a song (which is accessible in more than 40 languages), check out the amazing music maps to find out what the people all over the world are listening to at the instant, get the actual-time top 50 chart from all over the world and get access to the lyric search database. This is one of the most popular and best music apps for iPhone. You can get this app from iTunes App Store.

Price: Free

09. Adaptunesbest-music-apps-for-iphone

If you drive with your iPhone, run with it or listen to any sort of music on the go, you know how annoying it will be to always adjusting the volume to suit your listening environment. Adaptunes handles this enigma by automatically adapting your volume based on motion-based and speed sensors. There are even various activities you can select from that offer various modes of sound adjustment, such as exercising, skiing, jogging, mountain biking, driving, etc. besides, you can create playlists inside Adaptunes for adapting the volume right away. You can get this app from iTunes App Store.

Price: $0.99

08. PanAppbest-music-apps-for-iphone

PanApp is a music player that threats the limits of the iPhone’s default music player app. This app lets you to create active “queues” of your favorite songs on the go, discover linked association about your song while you browse through your library and carry out “Power Search” with a single swipe. This one of the most wanted best music apps for iPhone. You can get this app from iTunes App Store.

Price: $2.99

07. Local Concertsbest-music-apps-for-iphone

Local Concerts is a convenient app that makes you aware of upcoming live shows and concerts in your locale. You can search by venue or date and even have direct access from the app to where you can buy tickets and get directions to the venues. This app even scans runs down through your iTunes library and notifies you about upcoming concerts of artists you feature in your music library for a more customized experience. You can get this app from iTunes App Store.

Price: Free

06. Soundhound best-music-apps-for-iphone

The impeccable music search engine, Soundhound lets you to guide out tracks by typing, humming, playing back or singing the track. As soon as recognized, you get everything available; videos, ringtones, lyrics and iTunes links. And it truly works – this app was even capable of recognizing and identifying a hum from a person, who we’ll barely say, has slight than flawless pitch.

A free, lite version is available too with boundless music identifications, but the premium version has advertising free content and latest features like Wikipedia-based info on bands and artists. You can get this app from iTunes App Store.

Price: $4.99

05. Figurebest-music-apps-for-iphone


This one is a must have iPhone music app for beat freaks and composers who can’t go on an extra minute without looking to play around with a few new sounds. It provides you with a lead synth, drum and bass and a drumbeat programmer you can pinch with your fingers to your heart’s thing. This is not only one of the best music apps for iPhone, but also a must have one. You can get this app from iTunes App Store.

Price: $1.16

04. ooTunes Radiobest-music-apps-for-iphone


If you wish to stump your radio listening experience and you desire a great choice of styles and genres, comprising talk radio, ooTunes Radio is an extraordinary app for seamless listening delight. Rolling up music from more than 30,000 streams in 150 nations, ooTunes Radio allows you to create the ideal playlist you desire and offers you the opportunity to listen to radio shows from all over the world. The groovy Radio RooLette function provides a playlist of available tracks and makes you to listen to a selection of tracks from hundreds of stations without the need of choosing them manually by yourself. If you find a track you love, the app even lets you buy straightaway from iTunes for immediate download too. You can get this app from iTunes App Store.

Price: $4.99

03. Garagebandbest-music-apps-for-iphone

Turn your iPhone into a portable recording studio with the app edition of Apple’s highly popular Garageband program. While one band, The Ultramods, utilized the app to record a whole album, most artists will witness the app a convenient way to hear back to practice sessions and research with song structures. This one of the must have best music apps for iPhone for music professionals. You can get this app from iTunes App Store.

Price: $5.03

02. Audiogalaxy Mobilebest-music-apps-for-iphone


Are you one among those music niggards who have loads and loads of music files on your iGadget, lots and lots that your library has started affecting your phone’s storage capability to the stage where you can’t install new apps? If this seems familiar and you’re always choosing and picking which tracks to store and listen to on your handset, then Audiogalaxy might be the best solution for you.

This app offers you cloud-based access to your whole music library without the necessity of syncing your iPhone or being concerned about storage. After installing the Audiogalaxy assister program and syncing your music inventory to your account, you’ll now be able to stream your favorite tracks to your iPhone. Audiogalaxy even allows you to access your tunes from any computer and a huge number of other handheld gadgets. You can get this app from iTunes App Store.

Price: Free

01. TuneIn Radiobest-music-apps-for-iphone


Ranking first in our list of top 10 best music apps for iPhone is none other than the well-known, TuneIn Radio. Quite a kind of every single radio station in the planet comprised into one app, TuneIn lets you to stream over 70,000 live radio stations and about 2 million podcasts. You can listen to various stations all the day for the rest of your life, and there’s nothing much to say about this app. You can get this app from iTunes App Store.

Price: Free

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