Girls And Underarm Hair. Is It The New Hotness?


The trend is quickly catching up which was started as a pit hair photo contest by a Chinese feminist Xiao Meili on a Chinese micro-blogging site “Weibo”. The discussion quickly breaking the stereotype became a rage among women around the world. From everyday women to notables like Madonna showcased the pit hairs on social media as a banner of liberty to one’s choice.

The idea is to embrace the “beauty in all forms”, but to many it’s the notion of flaunting the feminism.

“Women should have the power to decide how to deal with their bodies, including small details like armpit hair,” Xiao told media.

This new trend of flaunting the hairy sprout is a cause to make personal preference one’s liberty rather than succumbing to the stereotypes.

Many women supported the cause saying that the hair is part of one’s body, and there is nothing to be ashamed about sporting it while men can.

Girls And Underarm Hair. Is It The New Hotness?


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